China Academy of Agricultural Sciences Tea Research Institute achieved transformation demonstration base settled in Huaxiang Court

On July 24th, "Hundred Years National Products · Guomin Tea Hua Xiangyuan Year" was held in Xihu Hotel, Fuzhou, attracted many experts, scholars, dealers and love tea people in the industry. During the new era, the recovery of the tea industry, inseparable from the "tea culture, tea industry, tea technology", and collaborative development. In this event, Huaxiang Court and the country’s only national comprehensive tea research institution – officially signed contracts in Tea Research Institute, China Agricultural Sciences, and established the "China Academy of Agricultural Sciences Institute Huaxiang Court Tea Co., Ltd. Achievement Transformation Demonstration Base, seek "three tea" development.

Jiang Yiwen, deputy director of the Tea Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, said, next, the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences will further expand cooperation with Huaxiangyuan, first of all the tea tree green prevention and control technology first in Huaxiangyuan Tea Manor, Produce safety tea, healthy tea, green tea for Huaxiang Court, provide technology support. This also means that the demonstration base of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, is officially settled in Huaxiang Court.

It is reported that the total number of Huaxiangyuanmen has exceeded 2,500, and its unique 8 quality standards, 4 major control systems, fundamentally ensure the quality of tea as agricultural products.

At the same time, Huaxiangyuan’s eight major estates in the core production area of ??the tea origin, became a full-chain tea research base, which controls tea quality in the source and realizes technological innovation and breakthrough in every link. (Chen Xinru, Tea Media).