In fact, after the Longshan incident,,He always chooses to forget something,And the feeling of emptiness always exists。

Zang Long Jianzhe,and also,And old ones……
So the spiritual orb that had been in his body was deliberately ignored。
It’s just that he has a new journey today,Anyway, I should finish the teacher’s words。
Spiritual consciousness comes to the sea of air,That spiritual ball still hovering quietly in the air,Not much different from the usual,The only difference is that it will never appear in the spirit ball again“Disrespectful”the sound of。
Xia Chenglong bows first,Show respect for each other,Then I went inside。
Although they got along for a long time,But he hasn’t really entered the spirit ball。
Forever,This spiritual ball naturally doesn’t have the kind of resistance when I first saw it,Xia Chenglong entered directly after hesitating。
Unimaginable,It turns out that this spiritual ball turned out to be a very large and extremely high-level storage room。
This storage room is different from his,It can be said to be more advanced than his, I don’t know how many times。
Because here is a space of its own。
This space is more than simply holding something like him,But can construct the world。
So the scenery he saw at the moment was a grassland full of flowers and grass,The sky above is white clouds and blue sky,Birds and Flowers,Comfortable!
Is this the power of ancient warriors?,It’s so powerful?
Able to put both heaven and earth in。
Although these scenery is immutable,But it is absolutely different from his dead object space。