If you compare the previous chameleon dragon to a baby,This is the adult chameleon dragon。Compared to before,This whole is usually nearly 15 meters,The whole body is covered with hard lin pieces,The two-color eyes,You can already see the dragon spirit。

And its breath,Already infinitely close to the sixth product,Among the human warriors, it is equivalent to asking the existence of the gods。
The opponent first came to the little chameleon dragon that was killed before,Promote with head meeting,Want to resurrect it,But the crystal core of the previous chameleon dragon was taken away by Mo Qilin,How could it recombine。
The big chameleon dragon is getting angry,Dare to take advantage of its absence,Killed its son,Unforgivable!
Roar in anger,The earth trembles again,Even the trees not far away were exploded directly because of this roar,As for the warriors below the holy state,Direct bleeding,Fell to the ground in pain。
People who can stand up stand together,Unconsciously swallowed and spit,Not intuition,for sure,Even if they have nearly ten masters who have entered the Holy Realm,Still won’t be the opponent’s opponent。
“All supernatural,Retreat with Miss Yun,do you understand?”Xia Chenglong’s eyes were fixed on each other when he spoke,I’m afraid that the opponent will suddenly attack。
If so,Many people will die。
“Extraordinary Retreat,Enter the Holy Land and do it together。”Although Xia Chenglong is uncomfortable at the moment,Still hold back the command。
With the embarrassing movement of the Transcendent Realm,All the saintly realm warriors are heading towards that huge body at the same time。
The colorful aura burst out in an instant,Cooperate with their best martial arts,Greeting directly to the big chameleon dragon。
“fire punch!”
“Blast through the wind!”
For a time,A scene that has been rare in Beihai County for decades,Unfathomable on weekdays,The holy land,Simultaneous shot。