“Thank you very much for your trust in me,There are so many things waiting for me to do。Wait for a chance,You asked the shareholders to make an appointment for me,I invite everyone to dinner”

Xia Jian stood up as he spoke。
Wang Yihua smiled and said:“What happened this morning,I have settled it for you,This kind of thing will never happen again。This stunned green should have just come out from inside,I don’t know the sky is so great when I am encouraged by others。But this is also good,Let him know you,He won’t dare to be foolish anymore”
“thank!I’ll go now。Wait for me to spend this time,Thank you personally”
Xia Jian was talking,One side ran towards the door。Wang Yihua’s laughter and cursing came from behind。
Back to Engineering Project Department,Xia Jian called back Guan Tingna who was inspecting the project,They switched the car together and returned to Pingdu。
Once back to the office of Donglin Building,Guan Tingna led his newly recruited people to meet Xia Jian one by one。Although Xia Jian only briefly asked a few,But he felt,The person Guan Tingna dug this time is really good。Not only learned,And the most important thing is the rich work experience。
Finished meeting with these people,Xia Jian called in his secretary Li Yue again。Asked about the accommodation in the staff apartment。
Li Yue smiled and said to him:“President Xia!I have arranged your accommodation。I arranged the room on the third floor like this,Which is the largest and most luxurious,Of course you live,All the bedding inside have been replaced with new ones,I have the workers re-disinfect the bathroom。Vice President Guan lives next to your room,Come here again, Li Mengyue’s room, vice president of sales。The second is the quadruple room,Arranged a temporary bed for me and Manager Bai”
“Ok!Very reasonable”Xia Jian nodded in satisfaction。
First2479chapter Old friend visiting
Xia Jian finished asking Li Yue,When I just turned on the computer on the desk,The phone on his desk rang。Xia Jian frowned,But still answered the phone。
“Hello!I’m Xia Jian from Hongjian Group”
There was a pause on the phone,Suddenly heard a familiar voice:“I’m Qin Xiaomin,I don’t know if I can interrupt your precious few minutes.?”
“Qin Xiaomin!Where are you?You are too polite,Just tell me if you have anything”
Xia Jianyi heard it was Qin Xiaomin,He stood up excitedly。
Qin Xiaomin on the phone sighed and said:“The world is really cold!I’m downstairs in your office,The security said he would not let me go upstairs without an appointment”
“Damn!These security guards are really elm brains,You wait,I have someone come down to pick you up”
Xia Jian said,Hung up,He called Li Yue,Said to her with a serious face:“I have a guest downstairs,Blocked by security,You go down to pick up,Must pay attention to attitude,She is my important guest,do you understand?”