Yang Ying took a deep breath and laughed:“Young is the capital,But the body can’t be over-consuming。I heard that your marriage with Miss Luo is near,But the woman just now doesn’t seem to be Chen Jing?”Yang Ying’s words are meaningful。

Xia Jian smiled and said:“Oh!That is a friend of mine”
“Ha ha!President Xia is really not a romantic, not a teenager,Since I was hospitalized,Then you have to relax。After the new year,I want grades!”Yang Ying said,I crossed the topic。
Xia Jian heard Yang Ying’s overboard voice,He laughed and said:“President Yang can rest assured,Totally relax,Happy New Year。What you want after years,All will come true”
“That’s good!Hey!Come see me when you have time”When Yang Ying said this,And blinked at Xia Jian。What kind of medicine is in this woman’s gourd?,Xia Jian couldn’t see clearly for a while。He was about to ask why Yang Ying appeared in this hospital。
The little nurse who looked after Xia Jian ran out of the elevator violently,When she saw Xia Jianzheng and Yang Ying were talking,,She rushed over,Take Xia Jian and leave。
Yang Ying was shocked,When I haven’t figured out what’s going on,Xia Jian has been pulled into the elevator by which little nurse。Xia Jianzheng wants to find an excuse,I didn’t expect this little nurse to come so timely。
“Thank you for coming!”Xia Jian was very upset when he saw the little nurse,Made a joke to tease her。
The little nurse raised her mouth and said:“I didn’t even tell me after running out for such a long time,Are you trying to ruin my job?Do not bring your mobile phone when you go out,Call one by one”
What the little nurse said,Xia Jian just remembered that his mobile phone was in the ward。If Luo Yi and the others find him,If no one answers the call,Isn’t that anxious to her death?
An elevator,Xia Jian ran back to the ward。He picked up the phone on the bedside and took a look,There are six missed calls,And these six phones,Luo Yi came here alone。
Xia Jian quickly dialed back,One call,Luo Yi then called on the phone:“I say Xia Jian,You are a little better, you don’t know the sky is thicker, right?!You know if i call and you won’t answer,How worried am i?”
“Sorry!I just took two steps downstairs,It’s so boring to stay。I didn’t expect to run into Yang Ying downstairs,This woman talks a lot,Stopped and talked forever”Xia Jian quickly transferred all the responsibilities to this Yang Ying。
Luo Yi heard what Xia Jian said,Suddenly stopped talking,She thought for a while and said:“Xia Jian!If you think you are almost good,Immediately packed up and left the hospital。I’ll let Zhang Yong come over tomorrow for the rest,Remember to be fast”