obviously,In the hearts of these people,But very confident。

Even when these people look,The more I look at it, the more I feel confident。
And seeing these,Actually here,For Wang Teng,Next,What exactly needs to be done,In fact, deep in his heart,Has come quite clearly。
But the more so,Looking in front of Wang Teng。
The more so,Actually Wang Teng himself,On the contrary, I don’t think there is anything wrong with this。
Just look straight into the distance like this,The more so,Actually Wang Teng’s whole person,Sneer。
“Calculate time,It should be almost done。”
“They should be coming soon,Who wins and loses,Actually it’s really hard to say。”
When Wang Teng smiled at him,Then shook his head。
Actually here,For the moment,Guo Tianyi’s heart is very anxious。
Because I don’t know why,Guo Tianyi felt,I seem to be following what Wang Teng said。
at this point,Actually even Guo Tianyi doesn’t know。
But as a large group of people arrived quickly not far away,Guo Tianyi’s face suddenly changed。
“Wang Teng,You cheat!”
When Guo Tianyi’s sight moved,Directly on Wang Teng’s body,He suddenly spoke。
It’s what Guo Tianyi said,at this time,Wang Teng raised his eyebrows,Behaved very casually。
“Haha,There is nothing deceitful or deceitful。”
“Anyway now,But you are wrong first,But now he came here to target me,What do you think like this,Is it correct?”
Wang Teng’s words are finished,But it gives people a feeling,It’s as if he suddenly slapped here and drew it。