Qin Hao put the words here directly,I almost said this sentence in a roaring form。

This sound,Make everyone around you look。
Because here is not just Qin Hao and others,There are many other experts。
“you……Dare you talk to me like this,I’m the person that the old chief values most,”Seeing what Qin Hao said directly against him,He is not to be outdone。
Moved out the old chief directly。
Qin Hao felt contemptuous,But he didn’t speak anymore。
If I speak again,If this contradiction is enlarged,Not a good thing for both of them。
So he did not choose to argue with Liu Shiqiang here again。
At this moment,Wang Lei is here,Brought instructions from the old chief。
“Old Chief Instructions,Since Professor Liu Shiqiang has no way to solve the problem,Then Qin Hao is solely responsible for the nuclear submarine program,One week。”
The old chief is directly on Qin Hao’s side,Just now Liu Shiqiang said that the old chief values him most。
This face was slapped directly,Everyone watched this scene with interest。
But none of them spoke,Because no matter which side you are helping,It is bound to offend the other party。
“Professor Liu,Do you have any objections?If there is any objection,Can directly respond to the old chief。”
When he came here just now,I heard what Liu Shiqiang said to Qin Hao。