Premature ejaculation, you need to replenish heart and liver

Premature ejaculation, you need to replenish “heart and liver”

Since ancient times, some people have advocated that premature ejaculation is treated from the kidney.
The basis is the kidney’s main reproduction and Tibetan spermatozoa. It is believed that the kidney deficiency reduces the Tibetan spermatozoa ability, so premature ejaculation occurs.
However, it should be noted that modern society has become highly developed and affluent, people have paid great attention to their physical health, and the two causes of kidney deficiency (congenital deficiency and acquired diseases) are rare.
In addition, in clinical practice, the method of tonifying the kidney (especially warming the kidney and aphrodisiac) to treat premature ejaculation is not ideal.
  From the perspective of the physiology of sperm, the mechanism of Tibetan essence is in the “kidney”, and the mechanism of spermatogenesis is in the “heart and liver”.
The mind is the master, the “commander” is everything; the liver is the cardinal, and the “organ” is the main place.
Therefore, kidney is not as good as heart and liver.
The “kidney”, “heart”, and “liver” mentioned here are all Chinese medicine concepts, not specific anatomical organs.
  What are the characteristics of premature ejaculation patients who need to be treated from the heart and liver?
Generally, these people are more active in thinking and are good at expressing their own requirements for sex. Everything is easier to be emotional. In the process of sexual life, it is more beautiful. It is not easy to satisfy the form (including time, place, sexual intercourse, etc.)
In general, they are happy but not quiet.
  In daily life, patients with premature ejaculation should eat as few spicy and irritating foods as possible, drink less tea and coffee, and eat more nourishing foods such as shellfish, shrimp, and turtles.
  In terms of drug treatment, if you have obvious physical discomfort, you should choose a suitable treatment method and drug under the guidance of a Chinese medicine practitioner. Do not abuse kidney tonic drugs and health products, especially warm kidney and aphrodisiac drugs and health products.
People with poor mood, poor sleep, and easy sweating can choose Xiaoyao Pill (San), Danzhi Xiaoyao Pill (San), Schisandra or Jujube Kernel Preparation, Tianwang Buxin Dan, etc.