If there is anything else, just tell me,Of course this does not mean that your status will be threatened,Although I know you two don’t think so,But I still want to give you two suggestions。

I hope you two can do your job better,Don’t think about other things,And sometimes you two may not feel so tired。
But sometimes people’s mental abilities and physical work strength are limited.,Then you can’t always do some heavy work,In that case it will affect some of your personal emotions or some mental states。
I don’t want to see you who are listless,I don’t want you to be exhausted from work one day,So I hope you can have more time to manage your time,To plunge into your own life。
Work is only part of your life,Shouldn’t be the whole focus of your life,Although I know you are working hard, it does not mean that I want to deprive you of a right in life。
Everyone has the right to pursue happiness,Maybe you will tell me now that work is your greatest happiness,But maybe you will think so in the future。
Because I haven’t been young for many years,So when you are old,Think about my life,May regret it,When I was young, I didn’t grasp my great youth,Then do something that you think is really meaningful。
Although each of your work is very meaningful to me,But what I hope more is that you can manage your own mentality,Not take work as your whole center。
But can be distracted to do other things,Or fall in love,Or go to travel to see the scenery,Or to develop a special hobby,Are very ok,This is what i want to tell you。”
Then Shen Lin and Su Ran nodded,Actually, the two of them already knew what Xiao Fan thought,I just think Xiao Fan thinks too much for them,Sometimes a job or Xiao Fan’s arrangement will be delayed。
That’s why I thought about doing everything well,They are all thinking about each other,I want to take a step back or tolerate each other,Then don’t let yourself do something that drags you back。
But just because of the sincerity in exchange for the sincerity,That’s why they are so good to think of things they think of for each other,In fact, Xiao Fan’s remarks also awakened Shen Lin and Su Ran.。
The two of them now really regard work as their entire center,Maybe the only thing they two think apart from work is to take some time back to accompany Mr. Fan。
But this does not mean that they have their own lives,Because I really live my life because I should divide my work into a part of the time,Instead of taking work as all time。
When doing some other things,Need to take time out of work,This approach is wrong,They also realized a mistake in their ideas。