Tian Lu Yuguang found out that she was staring at,Skip your head to confirm,Found it was Ye Xingkong,Suddenly bent his eyes,Cute smile。

“Hey,Starry sky,What do you think of me,Look how beautiful the sky is!”Say that in your mouth,But sweet in my heart。
“Ugh,If only you could talk,You can tell me,What is your planet like,Will you see such a beautiful sunset??and also,Is your planet very close to the sunset?,Will it be touchable?”Tian Lu is like a child thinking and asking curious words,Looking forward to。
On hearing“Planet”this phrase,The expression on Ye Xingkong’s face froze,Look a little ugly。
Tian Lu saw him like this,Feel wrong,Stop talking immediately。“Come out to play,Be happy,Yep~?”
Don’t shoot sunset anymore,Have taken enough,She put the phone carefully in her bag,Raise your arms freely,Exaggerated swing,In a good mood。
Ye Xingkong is thinking about everything。
Tian Lu feels embarrassed。Shouldn’t show him the sky,What planet to mention,Must have brought back many memories。
Tian Lu keeps her feet,Turn around and solemnly say to Ye Xingkong:“You will have a way to return to the planet,Trust me!Don’t worry about it,The top priority now,You have to learn to speak,To communicate with humans,To tell us what happened,How to go back,Maybe we can help you?”
Ye Xingkong took a deep breath,Nodded。
“Let’s go,Qingqing University is not far ahead,I will take you to find out,There is a cradle for training talents。”
Tian Lu pointed to the teaching building with the Qingqing University card in front of him and said。
The road to the school is an asphalt road,There is a small vendor nearby,Selling corn,The faint scent of corn smells with the breeze,Reminiscent of childhood memories。
In the fields of my hometown when I was young,Every six、Yubaodi in July,Several plump corns grow on each stalk,Corn whiskers are like old man’s beard,long,The maturity is mostly determined by the color of the corn silk,The brown beard is generally just right mature,Sweet and chewy,Dark brown will be old,Hard to bite,Hazel whiskers or a little yellowish,Generally immature。There is a knack for picking Baogu,Generally choose brown。
Childhood,Mother taking her to pick the corn field:Learn like a mother,Wearing a straw hat,Against the scorching sun,Carrying a small bamboo basket,Shuttle through the corn groves taller than adults,Imitate adults breaking corn,That is really a good childhood memory。
Thought of here,Tian Lu tracks the taste,Bought a big steamed corn,Show Ye Xingkong how to eat。
She twisted both hands,Open mouth,Rudely bite down the corn kernels。If the camera slows down,Bite the blood basin,Collocation“Crash”the sound of,Quite scary。
Tian Lu laughed at him stupidly,Mouth full of corn,Bulging cheeks,Didn’t finish a bite,Bite after bite,Eat with relish。
Tian Lu bought another Baogu from the vendor,Pass it to Ye Xingkong,Ye Xingkong imitated Gu Lu gnawing corn“Rude”kind,Bite down,Then it becomes a bite after bite,Two people“Alternative”Passersby turn around,Onlookers。
After a good hiccup,Tian Luyi is still unfinished,Looking at Ye Xingkong“Embarrassed”The last few,After eating corn kernels like yellow pearls,Hantou smiles at each other。