Later he thought he liked Qin Xiaomin a little bit,But some things are not something he takes for granted。When I think of these bad things,Xia Jian felt upset。

But this Ouyang Hong wants to mention this,He was very upset for a while,I really want to find a hole in the ground。
“Tell the truth,I can’t let you go,But thinking about your chaotic life,I can’t accept you again。When I have the best fantasy of you,Unexpectedly, you and Yao Junli have secretly crossed Chen Cang,This made me uncomfortable for a while“
“But I figured it out later,people like you,There is no such mess around,It seems a bit abnormal。I try to make myself accept you,But you treat me?Then he got involved with Qin Xiaomin again“Ouyang Hong said fiercely。
Xia Jian thought for a long time,Then said softly:“Maybe i’m too selfish,Not taking into account the feelings of others“When Xia Jian said this,,Lower your head。He feels a little embarrassed to face Ouyang Hong,Fortunately, they haven’t reached any point yet,If that’s the case,With Ouyang Hong’s temper, he must be stripped of his skin。
“Humph!You see all the women as Yao Junli,Then you are wrong。Yao Junli as my old classmate,Our relationship is very iron,But some of the things she did in terms of personal relationships,I really don’t agree,She is a non-married person like you。She didn’t want to get married because it hurt her,How about you?“Ouyang Red Sentences Are Like a Sword,Stuck in Xia Jian’s heart。
Xia Jian lowered his head,Said:“I want to marry Zhao Hong,But she is barren。I will hurt my parents,After all, my old Xia’s three-generation single pass,This is bigger than the sky in the hearts of rural people“
“Zhao Hong talked to me about this,She said she would like to be the woman behind you。But she can think so,Can other women tolerate her??What a sad woman!“That’s it for Ouyang Hong,The tears are almost coming down。
At this moment,Faintly sounded in the cafe《Heart is too soft》This song。Ouyang Hong still couldn’t bear it,Her tears finally shed。
Whispered to Xia Jian:“Do it for yourself!We have no destiny,Let us be friends!I got married on National Day,Hope you can participate“
Ouyang Hong finished,Get up and go。Xia Jian sat and didn’t move,It seems that what Yao Junli said is really true。
Xia Jian closed his eyes tightly,listen《Heart is too soft》This song,His mood at this time really can’t be described in any words。Until Yao Junli called,Xia Jian came out of his sadness。
After hanging up,Xia Jian went to the hospital。The strange thing is that Ouyang Hong is also in Yao Junli’s ward,Without waiting for Xia Jian to speak,Yao Junli asked a little unhappy:“Let you see Ouyang,Where did you go?“