“Let’s go,Time is running out!”

Li Yan checked her watch,Said anxiously。
“I haven’t told my dad yet……”
Fang Yuzheng wants to go back,Being dragged away by Li Yan anxiously。
no way,I had to tell Dad in the car to have a meal。
“This car is nice!”
Fang Yu got on the car,Feel the interior is very good。
“You have research on cars?In the data,You seem to be an intern,Estimate your salary,I can’t afford this car for a few years!”
Li Yan fastened his seat belt,Puzzled。
“I read the car magazine!”
Fang Yu gave a white look at Li Yan。
He can’t afford his current salary,But it doesn’t mean!
“Sit firmly!”
Finished,Li Yan kicked the accelerator and went out。
Fang Yu looked calm。
Not scared by Li Yan’s express。
Soon,They came to one of the largest hotels in Qingxin City——Yonghe Hotel。
This is a five-star hotel in Qingxin City。