Just say that they have put me.?”

“nonsense,When you see me, I don’t think about it.?”
I heard Zheng Tiancheng said,Hu Xiaotian is also sorted out thoughts。
“I will know Chu Qiang before I know the iron.,At that time he was 14 years old.,But it has dropped out of school.,I admire or say some blindly worship the small mix of these mixed society.,I thought that the little mix is the black society.,I thought I could dominate the side as long as I dare to fight.。”
“And I have been with Hu boss at that time.,I just have a family side.,When Chu Qiang was fourteen, it was already one meter.,And the kid is born with a fierce spirit on his face.,I am afraid of being afraid.,Just drinking a drink with that boy,Then the kid didn’t work with me.。”
“later,The kid fights are getting worse.,Even if you have any disabled,Still the boss,That kid mistakenly thought that I was flattened,Trust me more。”
Zheng Tiancheng listened to these unrelated classes,Direct cold cold road:“I just want to listen to the Tie and his things.,Before Chu Qiang, I don’t want to listen.。”
See the coldness of Zheng Tiancheng,Hu Xiaotian feels loudly:“This is said,This is said。”
“Chu Qiang and my second year,A girl who came with wine in the store,Girl is very beautiful,Extremely,Very water,When the girl came to work, she came with my brother at home.,The younger brother is Tieji。”
“Iron is not talking every day,Very honest,Let him do it, do it.,Only just move his sister,Who he is interested in。”
“But once,Chu Qiang drank more, directly put the iron sister to the private room,逼 利 的”After the following words Hu Xiaotian did not say,But several men present in the scene know。
“Chu Qiang threatens the spring,Just obey him once,In the future, I will easily,Can not brush the toilet,No more you can eat,Can you still eat fragrant with him?。”
“that’s it,Tie Yingchun followed Chu Qiang,A fifteen-year-old boy, you dare to believe that it is so easy to control a twenty-two girl.?”
“Tie Yingchun is the born in the countryside.,Have the kind of thought conservative,She and Chu Qiang are completely rushing to marry chicken with chicken marriage dog with dog thinking.,But she didn’t know that the moment she followed by Chu Qiang.,It is the beginning of her life.。”
“Chu Qiang as long as you have no money, we will find the spring.,If you don’t come out, let the iron welcome spring.,Accompany,As for the iron, I don’t want to see it.,And as long as the iron welcoming spring does not give money,He will be 揍 揍 憨,May be habit,Tiejiao has a pathological dependence on Chu Qiang.?”
For these words of Hu Xiaotian,Li Hui has heard the tightly。
But Zheng Tiancheng is cold and cold.:“not only these,Besides,You haven’t said that I will disappear,How to disappear。”
Hearing these words,Zheng Tiancheng has been cold,Because he knew that the ten eight nine nine nine-nine nine-nine-nine people surveyed under Cheng Chu were really,And he feels here, I am afraid that there is more than a murder case.。
Chapter 331 Chapter Diary
How to die?”
I heard Zheng Tiancheng,Hu Xiaotian is a tremble。
“I don’t know,this,This should ask Chu Qiang,This thing is not related to me.。”
“Do not say?
Can,Then here should be a place where buried bodies.?
If we call the police,I think you should know your own consequences.?”
In the face of Zheng Tiancheng’s threat,Hu Xiaotian still wants to bite his teeth,But immediately, Zheng Tiancheng, but let him give up the resistance。
“Don’t think we have no evidence,Today you should have not seen Chu Qiang and Tiejiao.?
Not,They have been caught,If you are smart,All explain,Otherwise, then the result is not that the result is like this.。”
Say,Zheng Tiancheng entered the alarm phone when Hu Xiaotian’s face,Then put it in front of Hu Xiaotian。
Three hesitation,Hu Xiaotian bites his teeth:“I tell you everything.,You guarantee that you do not alarm?”
“hehe,Do not worry,Let’s talk about。”
“it is good,Tie Yingchun is dead,It is caused by Chu Qiang.,I admit,I am not clean。”
Hu Xiaotian’s words make the three people in the scene shocked,Although it is ready to be prepared,But I heard the news that Iron Welming has gone.,Several people are still a little surprised that Hu Xiaotian is actually so bold.。
“Cheng Big Brother,This guy is handed over to you.,I have a little more about Li Brothers.。”
“Do not worry, What is the wave of this kid?,You are busy.。”
Say,Cheng Chu directly called people to guard Hu Xiaotian.。
Zheng Tiancheng left the first time to leave the wind to call Ding Road。