At this moment,General Will only felt the shadow of the claws on his face,So suppressed that he stopped breathing,I smell a strange sweet smell in my nose,Of course he knew it was a poisonous smell。

“Over!Life ends here!”Will only had time to flash through his mind quickly,I had to close my eyes like confession。
“What’s up?I didn’t see me talking!”At this moment,Everyone heard only one reprimand from someone,It doesn’t sound like a happy mood。
Let’s take a look,The high-level mutant who burst into murder was grabbed by the back of the neck by Lu Menglin,Lifted the whole person off the ground,Hanging feet,And his poisonous claws are less than three centimeters from the tip of General Will’s nose。
Is this trivial three centimeters,It’s as far away as the ends of the world!
Missed and caught!This is completely the difference between life and death!
Lu Menglin casually tossed,Throwing the high-order mutant aside,Bang,Fell heavily on the fence。
At this moment,Red-haired Carlo just wakes up like a dream,His face is very blue,Shouted angrily:“shot!kill him!kill him!”
Suddenly,The gunshots in the hands of the black man,Hundreds of bullets directly beat the high-level mutant into a hornet’s nest,The beach softened into a pile of mud。
Including Wang Ma,Those mutants who were present were trembling,But the strange thing is,But not angry with Lu Menglin,And don’t think he shouldn’t。
Because if it wasn’t for Lu Menglin’s shot just now,,If I let the idiot called Ghost Claw kill General Will,Not only these people who are there will be buried,I’m afraid the people in the red zone will be finished together!An army crazy because of the loss of its coach,There are executioners like Redhead Will among them,It’s shuddering to think about it。
And Lu Menglin is clearly communicating with General Will,He is speaking for the red zone,Maybe things will turn around,But at this juncture,That ghost claw Partial Rush out to kill,Isn’t it harmful??
As long as there is half hope to live,No one wants to die!Whether it is General Will,Or mutants like Wangma and others,The desire for survival is actually the same。
Chapter Seven Hundred and Twenty Seven dispute