Xu Lihong praised him so much,Wang Youcai is quite happy,He lowered his voice and asked:“Do you want to wash?I’ll fetch you water?“

Xu Lihong shook her head and said:“I just took a shower tonight,When I was about to pick up private work。Zou Yong took someone and called in,So my body is clean”Xu Lihong was talking,While starting to undress。
She is wearing a dress,Took it off in two or two。Under soft light,Her skin is crystal clear,As beautiful as white jade。There are only red marks on the arm。Even on the snow-white thigh,There are also two bruises。
“Bastard stuff,Such a beautiful body,They can do it too”When Wang Youcai said this,,Eyes are almost straight。
at this time,Strong winds outside the house,A thump,A strong wind blew in from the gap between the windows,It happened to blow on the candle beside the bed。I saw the candlelight swinging a few times,Put it out。The room is back in the darkness。
This moment,Wang Youcai, who can’t wait, touches the black,I have threw Xu Lihong onto the soft Simmons bed,The two rolled together like glue like knees。
A greedy beauty spares no effort,The other strives to cater for gratitude。The roar of the wind outside the room,Mixed with the gasps of two people in the house one after another,This night is very unquiet。
With the light of lightning,A muffled thunder from far to near,As if the heavy rain has hung in the sky at this moment。Wind is getting smaller,The thunder stopped。There was a crash,The heavy rain started。
Two people in the house,Also stopped exercising,They listened to the torrential rain outside。Especially Wang Youcai,He always feels,Something big is going to happen。
He wanted to get up and take a look outside,But he really can’t bear Xu Lihong sleeping next to him,slowly,He actually fell asleep,Slept like this until dawn。
Suddenly a violent knock on the door awakened Wang Youcai from his sleep,Just listen to someone shouting outside the door:“President Wang!Get up soon,Something big”
First0824chapter Stormy night
Rapid knock,Broke the tranquility of the morning。
Wang Youcai rubbed his eyes twice,He opened Xu Lihong who was wrapped around him like a water snake。He said anxiously:“Get dressed quickly”
Wang Youcai put on his clothes indiscriminately,And then flip the shoes,Fasten clothes buttons while walking。He opened the door a gap,Squeezed out。
Tian Wa is standing at the door of the room,He said in a flustered expression:“It’s not good, Mr. Wang,Du Sijin was on duty at the entrance of the mine last night,Was struck by lightning”
“what?How could this be”Wang Youcai’s heart raised his throat,It seems that he was flustered in his heart last night。