really,Qi Baozhu turned his head and stared at Li Tianchou,“Look down on people?I have no problem。”

Li Tianchou silently,Reached out and patted the other person’s shoulder,He knows Qi Baozhu’s arrogant personality、extreme,No more words。Wu Fang may have seen this too,So deliberately put them in a group,And also only undertake the auxiliary tasks of covering and clearing the periphery,It’s much easier than the other three。Especially Kwon Hung Kuk,After his independence,Not only must have a strong comprehensive ability,And it’s dangerous。
Wu Fang is like an alarm clock that tells the time on time,Forty minutes just passed,He sat up like a spring,Howled,“set,ready to go。”
After everyone gathered,Wu Fang howled a second voice again,“Inventory equipment。”The three lads, including himself, immediately began to fumble quickly,Including dagger、You have to touch guns, etc.,Confirm location。Li Tianchou didn’t consciously toss about it,Except for the two big black stars on him,Is a dagger on the outside of the calf,Nothing else。Only Qi Baozhu stood aside in a daze.。
Wu Fang didn’t care,Big hand wave,Shouted,“set off。”I walked into the dense forest first。
Two black jeeps parked on the edge of the jungle,It seems Wu Fang is quite prepared。He took Li Tianchou、Qi Baozhu and Quan Xingguo jumped into the first car,Tao Meng and Guo Yaowu got the second car。Two cars leave the gentle slope in sequence,Drive onto the next road,Disappear at the end of the road in the blink of an eye。
Eight thirty in the evening,Two jeeps appeared at the southern foot of Yunshan County,This is a relatively remote residential area,There is a small street in the front and the same as the main road,And there is not much crowd,Easy to evacuate quickly,This is also a temporary stop that Yuan Hua specially selected for them。
Before getting off,Wu Fang handed Li Tianchou a large watch,The display is as big as a matchbox,“Built-in positioning,Simple calls can be made within 500 meters。Wear it,I can see your exact location。Any questions?”
Li Tianchou took it and tried to fiddle a few times,Smiled and shook his head。This reminded him of Uncle Geng’s old friend and instructor Mi Jia,I once gave him the same watch,This one is much smaller than Wu Fang,But the workmanship has to be much more elaborate,It is said that there is satellite communication function。But since I met in Fukuyama,This watch has been unknown,Never played its proper function,It seems that the owner of the watch has forgotten it。After Uncle Geng passed away,He wanted to find a chance to contact Mijia,But a series of unexpected events made him unable to breathe for a moment,Do you still count on the promises you have made??
Wu Fang, look at the time and continue,“Sang Biao’s boss will talk to Xieman today,Location in Jinpenling57number,We still have an hour。Just show me the 100-meter range around,Xingguo cooperates with you。Whether it is full of thanks,Still fat head fish,One counts one,I want to live。”
Talk to everyone and get off,Wu Fang and Quan Xingguo leave first,Tao Meng and Guo Yaowu in the car behind have long since disappeared in the dark。
“Let’s go,We also adapt to the taste of training soldiers。It takes no more than twenty minutes to sneak into the city from here。”Li Tianchou greeted Qi Baozhu and left from the other end of the street。
Almost at the same time,North of Fushan County,The place Li Tianchou called the ghost building,A group of ghostly men in black are walking out of the building one after another。They have turned over every inch of the building,The only gain is to find a large rucksack,A pile of tin packaging boxes similar to cans fell down on the empty ground。
“What are these things?”The leading man in black leaned over and picked up a can,Feels heavy。With a flashlight, he can see clearly that the writing on it is compressed food。But quite unbelievable,After shaking hard,Drew the dagger from his waist and stabbed it in,A scent,It actually tastes like luncheon meat。
“Your mother’s,Really eaten,Why are you hiding these things??”The man in black smashed his mouth,Uninterested。He put away his dagger and took out his phone and dialed a number,“Brother Rong,Except for a bunch of junk food,Nothing。”
“Got it。”Pang Rong’s tone on the other end was plain,“Don’t rush back,Bring back an old man named Hao in Dongshi Village, Dongjiao,Later Xiaohui will send you the specific address。”Hung up after speaking。
The man in black disappeared from the ghost building again with his ghostly men。
Jinpenling57No. is an ordinary four-story old-fashioned building,The first and second floors are the sauna club,View from outside,Lightbox signs and decorations are outdated,But there are still many customers patronizing。There is no light in the third or fourth layer of black holes,Not sure what it is used for。The building is located on the periphery of a densely populated residential area,A small street in front of the gate that is no more than four or five meters wide,To the depths of the dwellings。