Chengdu, a baked meat shop, the boss has been charged by the police for 14 consecutive days.

  Into the night cold wind, the temperature in Chengdu is only 4-5 degrees Celsius. On the evening, Mr. Zhou came to the epidemic prevention work point, and he took a pot of hot charcoal to the on-site public aircraft.

  Every day in this day, Mr. Zhou will go to the five anti-disease points of the scene to serve the police, disease control and community staff, and will be replaced regularly during each hour, from uninterrupted.

At the same time, it is also accompanied by mutton soup, and the squatting is warm and stomach, and this behavior has been insisted on the early morning of November 17. The control point is universal, lasted for 14 days.

  Mr. Zhou told reporters that he was a barbecue owner next to the control point. Seeing the police and other epidemic prevention workers to persist in the cold weather every day, it has been stored in a large amount of barbecue in their barbecue. With charcoal, he thought of warm carbon and food for them. "See the epidemic prevention staff in the cold winter, I am very touched, as an ordinary citizen, although I can’t resist the epidemic like they, but I also want to make their own ability and a little contribution to them." Mr. Zhou said.

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