“Hey,Hello,who are you?”

Feng Skin is hesitant to dissolve the team.。
“Hey,Is Feng Boss installing solar power generation??”
I heard this,Feng is also a glimpse。
“exactly,I’m,you are?”
“I am from Professor Zheng.,Professor Zheng is the solar energy of the family is you installed.?”
One heard this,Feng is also moving,At the same time, I am very grateful to Zheng Mushan.。
He didn’t expect teachers, have not forgotten him.,But his student is actually going to visit the teacher.。
Think about it, I feel ashamed.。
“Correct,We installed,Do you also need to install??”
Li Huihe heard this,Laugh:“Need to be needed,But how much does I need more?,And how to guarantee quality?
By the way, ask if there is a wind power。”
Facing a series of questions in Li Hui,Feng Skin is also happy。
Because only if you ask,Then the lower chance is also bigger.。
“Since it is a teacher introduced,I am sure to give the lowest price,Reassuring quality,Warranty for 20 years,I am free for ten years.,Wind power, we also have,Just the material of wind power is very expensive,And the cost is not low,Even more than solar energy。”
Li Huihe heard the words of Feng,I feel that the other party is also a real person.,There is no mean for him.。
When you laugh:“Then if it is a few hundred acres of land,There are also thousands of acres of housing construction,How many solar energy needs,How many wind power can be driven?
Especially in summer,Winter is going to open a lot of air conditioning。”
Feng He heard a few hundred mu of data with thousands of acres.,The whole person is a glimpse。
This is definitely a player.。
“You said hundreds of acres,Doousands of mu are prepared to use solar energy to power with wind??”
When I said this, Feng Shu is also unsained by autonomous.。
“Correct,all,By the way, tell me the price,I can also estimate in my heart.,Can you use it?。”
I heard that Li Hui Feng said.,Feng it is calm, it is a lot of calm.。
After all, if it is a hundred acres of solar power generation, there is still about 40 million.,According to the previous one-square-five soap pod,So you have to break through 60 million.。
Of course, there are electric storage equipment,Transformation equipment,Transformer,This will still become a place to make money with solar power,National grid recycling price he also knows,Before it is around the quarter,Now there is a policy to support the five corners,But these premise is that Li Hui can take so many funds to engage in construction.。
“Hey-hey,It is not convenient to reveal your location,I want to take a look.,Then give you a suitable price,But now the price of the solar power board is about one thousand five meters.,I can reduce you to a thousand,If you are low, I may have to contact the manufacturer company.。”
Li Hui said this,Laugh:“Row,I will send you my position.,Welcome to investigate。”
Then two people talk about the prospects of the day, and the prospects for wind power.,Everything is talking very much。
After chatting,Feng Shukou directly spent the money to pay the ticket to Lotus Village。
Tell the team when I am leaving,This order is made.,Then the team is worry-free ten years.。
Everyone has never thought of the opportunity to face the team to be dissolved.。
They are all loved so much.,Since there is a chance to stick to it,Natural nature is willing to give up。
Li Hui Feng also looks forward to seeing Feng’s own。
He also didn’t think about Tiaosheng energy and wind power can also make money.,His original intent is to let the village usage,Let the mountains can power free,But did not expect the country and subsidy plan,Can also recover the remaining power。
He feels good to talk with each other.。
Just when he waited for the other party,But waiting for Zhang Ai Tian from the island country.。
Zhang Ai Tian learned that Li Hui’s strawberry cooked this,It is directly ready to personally check it.。
She cooperates with Suyang,Su Liang can never reveal the origin of strawberry,And the management of strawberries。