“Okay,It’s a small business after all,It’s pretty good if you can do it“Cai Li said,Glancing at Xia Jian with beautiful big eyes。There is a little shyness in her eyes,Only Xia Jian can feel this。

Everyone exchanged a few words,Gao Qiaoli let the waiter serve,A few people drank it all at once。
First1678chapter Peachy trap
Xia Jian did not let a few classmates feel that he was showing off,So he asked for a bottle of more than 100 Luzhou Laojiao。Cai Li picked up the glass,Hehe smiled and said:“You still have a good bite,I’ll make an exception tonight“
A few people laughing,Raised the glass together。Liu Qiang’s drinking capacity is clear to Xia Jian,When they were in junior high school,Some classmates stole some money from home,Pooled money to buy a bottle of local liquor for a few yuan。As a result, Liu Qiang only took a big sip,Flushed face,I can’t even walk smoothly。
This matter later became a joke among their classmates。these years,Liu Qiang, who works hard in officialdom, to entertain,Increased in alcohol consumption,But after all, where is the foundation?。
A few cups,This guy’s face is red again。Gao Qiaoli glanced at Liu Qiang and said with a smile:“Student Liu!You are also an official,Drinking this wine will make your face red?“
“Shit officialdom,I am nothing now。Wife is gone,Even her son was taken away by her。So don’t mention officialdom to me“Liu Qiang was angry,Speaking and slamming a glass of wine。
Gao Qiaoli glanced at Xia Jian,Smiled and said to Liu Qiang:“Take a drink,Just such a bottle of wine,You drank all by yourself,Then what else do we drink“
“old classmate!Rare to get together,Drinking a bottle of wine is also called drinking?My Liu Qiang can’t drink enough,But tonight I must die with you,Must drink until drunk,Otherwise I won’t let you go”Liu Qiang said,Stood up,Opened the door and left。
Xia Jian is going to chase him,Gao Qiaoli grabbed Xia Jian and said:“Leave him,This guy is a bit of a drink to ease his sorrows,Then let him have a good drink”
Talking room,Liu Qiang came in with a bottle of liquor,He put the wine on the table and said:“The two lesbians will do their best,But Xia Jian can’t,I know his drinking capacity,In junior high school,He can drink half a bottle alone”
“is it?It seems that drinking is also about talent,No wonder he can drink so much now”Gao Qiaoli said,And started pouring everyone。
Cai Li’s face is slightly red,She smiled at Xia Jian and said:“Heard from others,You are doing well in Pingyang Town now,What leisure agriculture,And apple planting base,Is there a place where we can invest,Show old classmates a way to make money!”
Business。A word from Cai Li,Let Go Qiao Li’s spirits rise,She hurriedly smiled and said:“Cai Li’s words have come to the point。If there is any good project,Let’s invest a little bit。I find more and more,You can’t make much money with physical strength,Can only take care of food and clothing”