“You are back,We are all hungry“Aunt Ding came out from the living room,While talking and went into the kitchen。

Xia Jian laughed and said:“Traffic jam in the city,Ran around in a big circle before ran back“He said and went into the living room。
When Lao Xiao, who was watching TV, saw Xia Jian coming in,He turned off the TV,Got up and picked up a bottle of liquor and opened it:“Let’s drink less tonight,It’s a little fun for the new year.!“
The dishes are ready soon,Aunt Ding also sat down,She smiled and said:“Come!The three of us have a drink。It’s not easy to sit with you“
What Aunt Ding said,Xia Jian was really embarrassed,He took a breath and said:“Work hard in the future,Try to come back for dinner。Come!happy New Year!“Xia Jian said,Raised the glass。
Old Xiao took a sigh of relief,So he raised his glass and ran away。Xia Jian didn’t dare to fall behind,He also drank to the bottom。
First1020chapter uninvited guest
Sometimes you don’t need too many people to drink,What you want is an atmosphere。
Xia Jian and Lao Xiao are drinking,Aunt Ding accompanies a sip from time to time,The indoor atmosphere is very warm。A bottle of white wine soon went down。Old Xiao couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief,Xia Jian knew,The old man must have something to tell him。
as expected,Old Xiao glanced at Xia Jian and said:“Time flies so fast,We have known each other for a few years,In the past few years,I have been watching you silently,Prove that we are destined,And my vision is right,The future of the startup group is up to you”
“This burden is too heavy,I can help you at best,Let me take the lead,I always feel uneasy”Xia Jian said,Raised the glass and took a sharp sip。
Old Xiao Haha smiled and said:“Young people can’t just lead an easy life,Should do something for the society。Your investment in rural development projects,I was under a lot of pressure at the time,Many shareholders found me,Say you are just a fool。But I can see that you want to do something practical for the people,So i agreed”
“I know this in my heart,After all, the entrepreneurial group is not yours alone,Moreover,The hottest nowadays is the urban real estate development project,But i think,Our places do not yet have the conditions for an outbreak,So invest in agricultural projects to accumulate original funds,It can also shape the corporate image”Xia Jian nodded and said softly。
Old Xiao sighed and said:“Human fate,I didn’t believe this,Always fight with heaven,It seems that this is the key to my failure。I adopted Xiao Xiaoshi,Was blocked by many people,Everyone agrees,My approach is risky,Undesirable,But i don’t believe,The result?“
Lao Xiao talked about sadness,Double lifted the wine glass。Aunt Ding on the side hurriedly took the wine glass from his hand and said:“Drink slowly,Not in a hurry,I have time tonight“
“We won’t mention this,Do you have anything else to tell me?“Xia Jian saw Old Xiao and thought of Xiao Xiao again,Quickly changed the subject。
Old Xiao nodded and said:“Yes,This is the way I am,It’s nothing to regret,Aunt Ding。You may not know,Aunt Ding, her lover left early,No children,So if one day I leave,You have to treat her as me,I wonder if you can do it?“
“Hey!You’re afraid of putting pressure on your children。If you go first,I don’t mean anything by myself,I went to find a better nursing home,There are many people inside,Wouldn’t it be better“Aunt Ding said with a smile。