First2347chapter Frightened

In order to hold a wedding for Tianwa,Besides, I spent too much time in the mountains,Wang Youcai decided to go to the city。
Before leaving,He called Liu Ying to his office,Explain that Tian Wa is holding a wedding here。Ask her a few banquet dishes,Can she burn it。Liu Ying’s answer is very positive,That is no problem。
With Liu Ying’s assurance,This is what Wang Youcai has in his heart。So he made another trip to the field,I asked Tianwa a few words。Tian Wa just said a word anyway:“Brother Wang can take care of this,Anyway, I only come to my sister-in-law,Xiaomei only comes here,The rest are all workers here”
What Tian Wa said,It is equivalent to giving yourself a clear number,This matter is much easier。Wang Youcai only returned to the yard,He calculated for a while and drove to the city。
When passing by the grain and oil store of Du Xiaohong’s house in Baishui Town,He drove the car very slowly on purpose,He hopes Du Xiaohong can see him,It’s a pity that Du Xiaohong’s grain and oil store is closed tightly。This makes him somewhat disappointed。
Once the car arrives in Pingdu,Wang Youcai called Wu Wu。Wait for Wu Wu to come over,Wang Youcai drove him to the house where Dr. Lu lived。
Once in the door,Wu Wu asked eagerly:“Wang Ge!What the hell is going on?You speak quickly!I’m so anxious”Wu Wu is so worried,He thinks Wang Youcai is a little weird doing things today。
Wang Youcai smiled and said:“take it easy。Where is the paper and pen,For me,You remember。Tian Wa wants to hold a banquet in Chenzhuang,You have to prepare all these things for him”
“what!so fast!Why doesn’t he put two tables in the city?Limited conditions in Chenzhuang,Besides, where to hold the banquet,Is it a bit too shabby??”Wu Wu said,Shook his head a little puzzled。
Chief Wang Youcai said with a sigh:“This is decided by Tian Wa herself,He doesn’t want to make this matter bigger。His two older brothers always think he is making a lot of money outside,This time the banquet,Tian Wa is equivalent to a showdown with his two brothers,Tell them to stop making his mind。In addition, Wang Xiaomei means”
What Wang Youcai said,Wu Wu just understood。He laughed and said:“Hard enough,You speak!Let me remember”
Wang Youcai thought about it,So I put the cigarette in my heart、All the wine said。The rest is nothing more than beef and pork,Of course,Fish and shrimp are essential for banquets,These Wang Youcai have not forgotten。
Wu Wu’s handwriting is big,This is all filled with a piece of paper。He laughed and said:“Good brother Wang!This hotel has to be rich”