Winter health, freshly boiled Zhang fruit, boiled and eat nutritious and healthy

Winter health, freshly boiled Zhang fruit, boiled and eat nutritious and healthy

From small to large, we basically eat fruits raw. One is to eat more nutrients in the fruits. The raw taste of Erlai seems to be more “original”.

However, in the cold winter, eating cold fruits raw, the stomach seems to always like “noisy mood”.

In particular, readers who have weak gastrointestinal functions are more likely to love and hate each other.

How to do it?

This newspaper specially invites nutrition experts to help you find new “cooked” pieces of winter fruits, so that you can enjoy both food and health.

  Most of the fruits are suitable for cooking and eating. The Secretary-General of the National Health and Health Industry Committee of the National Health and Welfare Commission, Wang Chengsheng, deputy chief physician, believes that cooking and eating winter fruits has certain health and health reasons, and most of the common fruits in winter are suitable for cooking.
For boiled fruits, the water temperature is generally maintained at about 100. Such water temperature will not affect the nutrients in the fruit much.

Antioxidants such as polyphenols can basically maintain the “original ecology”.

From this perspective, the moisturizing, laxative, and digestion-promoting effects of cooked fruits are relatively small compared to raw fruits.

  Secretary-General Wang Chengsheng said that people ‘s stomachs are warm and afraid of cold in winter. Drinking a hot “fruit soup” in the cold season is not only beneficial for supplementing the corresponding water, but also can absorb rich nutrients, while avoiding the cold fruit to the stomachOf stimulation.

But not all fruits are suitable for boiled or boiled for too long, such as kiwi, orange, grapefruit, strawberry, etc. are not suitable for cooking too long, so as not to damage the vitamin C in these fruits.

  Professor Guo Haiying, an expert in nutrition and dietetics at Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, introduced cough, phlegm, and phlegm removal in winter.”Natural mineral water”.

Pears contain glycosides and implanted acids, which can relieve phlegm and cough, and have a protective effect on the throat.

Pears are cool and can clear heat and sedate. Regular food can restore blood pressure to normal and improve dizziness and other symptoms.

  Professor Guo Haiying said that cold weather in the winter, colds, cough, and acute bronchitis often occur. Prepare one pear, wash and chop the skin, steam and eat with sugar, once in the morning and evening, even for 3 days.
  In addition, in winter, the weather is dry and the range, Professor Guo also recommends a kind of “paste recipe” suitable for his own production: pear cream.

The specific method is to prepare the pears for two seconds, chop and smash them, twist the juice (or fry the juice), boil over low heat until thick, add 1x honey, mix and fry until it is cold.

Take 1 spoon each time with warm water.

This recipe comes from “Puji Fang”, which has a good effect of nourishing yin and promoting health, moistening dryness and quenching thirst.

  For stomach upset, try boiling boiled apple soup in winter. If the warmth and cold protection are not in place, it will cause diarrhea of the baby, reduce the baby’s physical resistance, and easily become infected with various diseases.

Bian Xun, Director of Chengdong Branch of Nanjing Children’s Hospital, recommends an apple soup to your parents to help you.

  The production process is very simple: cut fresh apples into dices, put in a small pot, add a small amount of boiling water, and cook for six or seven minutes with gentle heat. After the soup is slightly yellow, put it in a baby bottle and let it warm.Into.
Apple soup is sweet and sour, and most children love it.

Allow your child to drink a little a day. If the stool is dry, reduce the amount.

Director Bian Xun reminded that this dietary prescription only accepts physiological diarrhea or common complications. Viral or bacterial diarrhea is not the first choice for treatment and can only be used as an adjuvant treatment.

  Boiled pomelo peel beauty and health Many girls like to eat pomelo, but the thick pomelo peel is often discarded. Dr. Wang Dongxu, director of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Nanjing Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, said that pomelo peel is actually a baby and can even be used as a bedroomThe air freshener is still edible and has very good therapeutic effects.

Because grapefruit peel contains naringin compounds and flavonoids such as rutin, it has antioxidant effects, can reduce the viscosity of blood, reduce the formation of thrombus, and has better prevention of cerebral vascular diseases such as cerebral thrombosis and stroke., Especially suitable for the elderly.

In addition, the rich pectin contained in pomelo peel also has a beauty effect.