Shen Han said carelessly:“Nothing to say,Don’t waste it again。”

one way or another,This person didn’t say that he wanted to leave the Huo family to get rid of himself,Huo Rongxuan is still very happy。
Actually, Shen Han really thought so at first,But he was afraid that he made this wish,God is overstretching,It was because Huo Rongxuan died or how to realize this wish,That’s not great。This old bastard is sometimes hateful,But Shen Han didn’t hate him to the extent that he wanted him to die。
Huo Rongxuan cut him a piece of cake and put it in front of him,“eat more,Don’t you just love this。”
Shen Han lowered his head and fiddled with the cream garland on the cake with a fork,after awhile,Suddenly said:“Are you so grateful to me??”
Huo Rongxuan didn’t understand for a while,“what?”
Shen Han did not answer him,Speak for yourself:“Actually you don’t have to,You said before that we are a family,You are injured, I should take care of you,Besides, I didn’t do anything。”
Finished,Looking at the sashimi Huo Rongxuan specially made for him today,Laughed quite self-deprecatingly,“look,You usually cook even the rice。”
Huo Rongxuan saw him like this,Understand in my heart,I was so angry,“You feel,I do this to repay you?”
Shen Han pursed his lips and said nothing。
Huo Rongxuan looked at him,The fire in my heart gradually disappeared,After a while,tell him:“Shen Han,I do this because I want to be nice to you,I miss you happy,Not because of other messy things,do you know?”
Shen Han watched him widen his eyes,The surprise on the face is obvious,Huo Rongxuan was amused,Can’t help but pinch his face。
“how,You married me,I treat you well,You are surprised?”
Shen Han slapped his hand away and yelled at him,“Marry your uncle!”
Huo Rongxuan said nothing,Just look at Shen Han and smile。Shen Han in Huo Rongxuan’s gaze too similar to pampering and conniving,Gradually I can’t lift my head。
He suddenly felt,The flustered feeling seems to be back。
Both of them drank wine during dinner,When it’s time to sleep,Huo Rongxuan came over again dishonestly。
Shen Han was going to sleep in a daze,Suddenly felt someone touch him,Sober immediately,Staring at people next to me in the dark:“Your legs are like this and you are not honest?”
Huo Rongxuan posted the whole person,Shamelessly say:“Hurt the leg,Nothing else anywhere。”