Even myself,When you know that the memorial is only available in the Qing Dynasty,Also shocked。

As soon as this word comes out,The live room immediately rioted,All doubts。
“Isn’t it?Only in Qing Dynasty?”
“TV series are too rigorous?”
“Not right!History book like……”
Hua Zai and others were also taken aback,totally unexpected,The memorial is actually only available in the Qing Dynasty。After all, the TV series I watched before,What Tang Dynasty、Song、Ming Dynasty,The emperor reads memorials。
Populus tells everyone,Officials in the Ming Dynasty used memorial succinct and tiaochen,Not a memorial。
“That’s the same thing!”Huazi said。
“more or less!To put it plainly is the report。However, the Ming Dynasty’s memorials and tales are usually made of precious silk,Then put the matters that you need to play on it,On the surface it looks as rich as the imperial edict。Only colors are not bright yellow,But to fix the color by its official title,Red、green、Green and other colors。”Hu Yang explained。
After the Manchu Dynasty entered China,Jiangsu and Zhejiang、Huguang and Sichuan, where the silk weaving industry is thriving, have been hit by unprecedented shocks。Chengdu, the production base of Shu brocade, was simply flattened out。There used to be thousands of patterns of Shu brocade weaving,In the end only the next one was saved,All others were burned。The weavers are also dead,The silk industry collapsed at that time。
Not only the official uniforms of officials cannot be dyed,Even“Xie Zoushu”I’m out of silk,So it appeared from Shunzhi‘Memorial“This cheap writing medium。
“You may not know,Because of the destruction of the Qing Dynasty,Until the end of the nineteenth century,my country’s silk industry has not recovered to the level of the Ming Dynasty.。”
Everyone listened,It’s another curse to the Manchu,It’s just harmful!
“but,Memorial to this thing!Has an advantage,High efficiency,It’s an improvement。This folder,Looks ok。”Populus added。
After the memorial was created,The Qing court drafted a set of confidentiality guidelines,To gradually improve the memorial guidelines,At the same time, some links in the center are eliminated,Greatly improved administrative efficiency,Brought active influence to Qing Dynasty politics。