“Moving again will make you die immediately”Fatty shouted,Xia Jian dare not move。

“Big brother!Never shoot again。This is on the mountain,Gunshot,We might not get out”One of them shouted a little worried。
The fat man shouted coldly:“I can’t take care of so much now,Take him down first,Otherwise, keep entangled like this,Is even worse for us”The fat man said,Step by step towards Xia Jian。
Xia Jian was really dumbfounded this time,No matter how fast he is,It’s not faster than a bullet。How to do?How to do it?One by one question marks quickly popped up in Xia Jian’s mind。
Also on this bone,There was a sound of footsteps at the top of the stairs,At the same time there was a shout:“Don’t let go!”
With this sound,Fatty’s face suddenly changed,The hand holding the pistol shook violently。Xia Jian hasn’t come yet and turned around,More than a dozen policemen have rushed over with guns。Among them are several fully armed special police。
This scene is like a row of movies,It really makes people unable to believe that this will be true。The battle just started,It ended silently。
On the way back,Xia Jian just knew,It’s the police from Nalanyu,And she found the problem early。
It’s just that Xia Jian’s suddenly appeared this morning,Even Nalanyu and the police thought that Xia Jian was in the same group。I didn’t expect things to come to the back,But there has been a big change of 180 degrees。
Back to Nalanyu’s house,Parents are older,Was frightened。Especially Nalanyu’s mother,I lay on the bed and didn’t want to move。
Nalandeping is a veteran,But he’s getting old after all,I can’t bear this torture,He let Nalanyu do well anyway, thank Xia Jian。
Seeing Naland Ping’s body a little weak,Xia Jian let him go to rest too。Then when he was about to get up and leave,But Nalanyu spoke。
“Mr. Xia!It seems you are the lucky star of our family,Every time there is a problem in our family,You can show up in time,This makes me really touched。Don’t say you treated my dad,Just talk about today,I really don’t know how to say it”When Nalanyu said this,,Eye circles can’t help but become red。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“If you can’t say it, don’t say it。I also made a mistake today,Unexpectedly, this group of people actually have guns,If it wasn’t for you,I’m afraid it will be difficult to end today”
“Tell you the truth!My dad loves collecting,It did provoke a lot of people who like to make a fortune。Therefore, our family was listed by the local police a few years ago as a key target。Someone came the other day,I responded to the incident”