Under severe pain,Peng Weihua tilted his body unconsciously,I want to get rid of this power to the utmost extent,But it doesn’t matter if you bow,He almost fell to his knees,Amazed,It feels like this damn disciple has thrown a huge rock on him,Intentionally swear,But holding his breath,If you relax a little, you might actually kneel down,I really can’t afford this person。

Li Tianchou has made up his mind at this moment,Before leaving,Must set the tone for Yuxing’s future development,Also remove obstacles for the successor,No matter how difficult it is,,Blessed but not shared。
Peng Weihua’s face has swollen into pig liver color,I thought this damn disciple would humiliate himself further,But the strength from the other party suddenly weakened。He didn’t even think about it,Immediately stand up and raise your arms,Want to get out of this embarrassing situation quickly,I didn’t expect the figure to move slightly,The whole arm and the upper body are like an electric shock,Numbness accompanied by severe pain,Made him finally yell unbearable,At the same time, the right knee can no longer bear it,Plop and kneel softly on the ground。
“I drafted uncle,You are such a good apprentice?”The suffocated breath evaporates,Peng Da’s mouth is finally liberated,Naturally yelled at the first time,“You call disobedience!You bastard!!Fuck you……”
Zhang Wen and Broad Bean have already rushed to the front,But facing Li Tianchou’s sharp gaze,It is always difficult to completely tear the skin,after all,In full view,They are facing Yuxing’s real head family,Its status is not only designated by Uncle Geng himself,It’s also gradually established with everyone after hardships,This is undisputed。
More importantly, both of them have self-knowledge,Even if a few people join forces, they are definitely not Li Tianchou’s opponent,I used to go out with the boss,I have seen a lot of impressive scenes,but now,Li Tianchou seems to be better。Whether it was Kick Fei Liangzi just now、Capture You Shilong,Or stop Peng Weihua,It’s all simple gestures,No extra action,And you can see that there is room on hand,If you are serious,Its strength is unfathomable。
Zhu Lei looks complicated on the side,Not say a word;You Shilong was restrained as soon as he shot,It’s a bit difficult to come to Taiwan,So sit on the sidelines,No further action;And Liangzi is tough,Despite being thrown to death,I haven’t gotten up till now,But never said a word;The others have different looks,There is only one thing in common,remain silent。
then,The whole yard,Filled with the screams of Peng Weihua alone,But Li Tianchou maintained a posture,Push the opponent with one hand,Do not relax,Don’t add strength,Let the treasurer Peng play freely。
This strange scene continued until Peng Weihua couldn’t move anymore,To be exact,Just come to an end。
“Madness is over?”Li Tianchou’s tone is much calmer than before,He scanned the crowd,Turning back his gaze and looking at Peng Weihua, who was angry at each other,“I just said,Who dare to do it again,I will abolish who。You are joking?”
“up to you,Relying on your grandma,You can do it now。”Peng Weihua’s scarlet eyes,Try to raise your head。
Li Tianchou closed his eyes unexpectedly,What seems to be thinking,But it’s only three to five seconds,When he opened his eyes again,The eyes are so empty,“You are my master,I really can’t get this hand。”Speaking of it,He actually laughed。
This laugh,In Peng Weihua’s eyes it is full of weirdness,Made him have an inexplicable heart palpitations,There seems to be something terrible suddenly appeared from the bottom of my heart,Let his excitement suddenly languish a lot。