Once this is done,Luo Jun asked Ali to arrange the transfer,But at this time Xia Jian was talking。He said listen to his phone at this time of transfer。In other words, when Ali received a call from Xia Jian,Must be the first time the required payment。The two sides reached a consensus in this regard,Xia Jian took Li Yue and left Gongsheng Group。

What Luo Jun said to invite Xia Jian to eat together at noon,Can be declined by Xia Jian。He is always wrong to eat here at Luo Jun, right!
From Longdong Group,Li Yue, who was full of joy, smiled and asked Xia Jian:“President Xia!Should we go back?”
“Not urgent,Stay at this hotel for one night tonight,Return the room tomorrow,Find a hotel that Biro avoids。Maybe we will stay here for ten and a half days。Of course,You can take this opportunity,inGZEat for fun”
Xia Jian said,And caught a taxi。
Two people get in the car,Li Yue asked with a puzzled face:“Why is this?The company is so busy,We won’t go back。I am a little confused about this”
“Not in a hurry,You will understand”
Xia Jian finished saying this,Closed his eyes tightly,Until the taxi stopped in front of the shop,Xia Jian just opened his eyes。
When he was about to go upstairs,Coincidentally。Xia Jian’s phone rang at this time。Xia Jian took out a look and connected。
Nalanyu’s nice voice came from inside:“President Xia!How did things go yesterday?Did the person I dragged help you??Wanted to make a call,But I forgot when I was busy yesterday”
“Oh!thank you very much。The person you entrusted is very good,Under his persuasion,The person I want to meet is finally willing to come out to meet us,This matter is resolved”
Xia Jian said to Nalanyu very happily。
Nalanyu paused on the phone and asked:“Are you busy today?If not busy,I invite you out for a potluck,We haven’t seen each other for such a long time。I will also talk to you by the way,Of course,If you are busy,forget about it”
“Not busy!I am waiting for a result these days,So it’s more leisurely。Then you say place,I will rush over”