This layout has advantages and disadvantages for raids,Facilitate fish and escape in troubled waters,But it is also easy to be used by opponents,If the opponent intentionally set up obstacles or even traps,Then everyone will face unpredictable danger。

But from the situation reported by Dapeng,The opponent shouldn’t notice it has been exposed,So you must act fast、quasi-、ruthless。
Zhu Lei light a cigarette and get off,Walk slowly towards the east gate of the Wanting Garden House,There is a side street,It is the only commercial street with a certain scale in the entire residential area,Many people come and go at the door,And the security is not as strict as other doors。
Just walked to the side street,Zhu Lei received a call from Peng Weihua,Liangzi has seen the gray business car,And recognized Dapeng who was dressed as a gardener,But the two did not touch,Broad Bean to that house numberB09After carefully inspecting the periphery of the villa, I left temporarily,But it feels bad。
What is feeling bad?Zhu Lei frowned,This kind of reaction is not a good sign,But he believes in the premonition of the brother,So I quickly dialed Dapeng’s phone。
“Dapeng,B09Has anyone entered or left in the past twenty minutes?”
“How long have you been around?”
“Almost an hour。”
“silly!I didn’t know to move for so long?”
“Many short trees need to be pruned,Other green belts also have gardeners,Stay longer than me。”The sound of the weed cutter came from the microphone,Very noisy and busy。
“Pay attention to your own safety。”Zhu Lei closed the line,Also stopped。His heart is weird,I feel unusually calm emotionally,Although there is nothing wrong with logic during the call,But these two points just made him feel uneasy。
This reminded him of the man in black who fell from the building when Xiao Song was kidnapped,That’s the closest brother to A Fei,Was sent to secretly protect Xiao Song,It’s a pity to die in a foreign land。How he was discovered?Bad news that was messy all morning,Zhu Lei never has time to calm down and think,But think about it now,Suddenly creepy。
A Fei has been protecting Xiao Song according to his instructions,But it is the big shed and Wogua who are in charge of staring at Xie Dabao.,Suddenly it was the news that Dapeng first found the silver-gray commercial vehicle?Logically wrong!
Wogua hasn’t reported his position for a long time,And A Fei is dealing with the scene at Yuxing headquarters,There is a big problem here,Think of here,Zhu Lei immediately called Peng Weihua,“Ahua,The situation is wrong,Jean Ryoko、Zhang Wen and they quickly withdraw!”