Li Hui Feng immediately thought about watching a big black pig.,But it was left by Zhao Xiaoli with Zhao Xiaoling.。

Until the evening,See the sunset is coming to fall,Zhao Xiaoli also found a few mouthfuls to let Li apart from the wind.。
Zhao Xiaoling is quietly looking quietly.。
Li Hui Feng faces Zhao Xiaoli’s obeys,Suddenly it is also a bit。
“Scull,I really don’t have a good job now.,Load you back,But on the road, don’t move my feet.。”
“Giggle,How do you feel that I feel like giving me a hint??”
In the face of Zhao Xiaoli,Li Hui Feng is also some speechless。
“Scull,I am telling it.,And now the lotus village is more,If it is misunderstood,You follow Liu Shu, but it will be told behind him.。”
“OK,Hurry up and let me go back.,I haven’t thought about it now.。”
Although Zhao Xiaoli said so,But my heart is thinking about how to find a reason at night. I look for Li.。
Li Hui said that Zhao Xiaoli said,Also directly carrying each other to go back。
When I left,Zhao Xiaoling’s heart is also five flavors,Although she is very clear, I will give up Li Hui Feng with Zhao Xiaoli.,But when I saw that Li took the style of her own sister left.,Her heart is still uncomfortable。
Especially looking at Zhao Xiaoli is very natural from behind, Li Hui’s waist.,Then put the face behind the other side.。
She even actually gave birth to a jealous。
This feeling, she doesn’t know why.。
Li Hui does not know that Zhao Xiaoling will have so many ideas.,I didn’t dare to ride all the way.,I am afraid that Zhao Xiaoli is not hurt by it.。
Feel Zhao Xiaoli squatted behind himself,And gently moved forward,He suddenly didn’t know what it was.。
Will n’t you reject each other?。
“breeze,You said that you are so rich.,Why don’t you buy a car??”
Look at it is an irrelevant words,But Zhao Xiaoli said in Li Rongshore.。
Vomit,Frangible wind,This unhappy motorcycle under the other party’s small action,How much is Li Hui Feng?。
“Hey-hey,I bought it very quickly.,These days are busy,I am ready for these days.。”
Can the scorpion go with you??”
Li Hui does not know what medicine sold by Zhao Xiaoli gourd,But still nodded:“sure。”
“Giggle,At that time, you must take a scorpion.,Also let the scorpion scenery,I haven’t gone to the car city to see the car.!”
“Hey-hey,Do not worry,I have called my scorpion for a few days.。”
I feel that Zhao Xiaoli did not do what to play with fire,Li Hui is also relaxed.。
“Don’t you be afraid to take a scorpion?,People think that they are a couple.”“Forehead,This should not be?”
At this point, Li Hui has not thought about it.。