4 Natural Resources Elements Comprehensive Observatory

Original title: Tower River Basin Built 4 Natural Resources Elements Comprehensive Observatory, Japan Group, 34 groups built 4 natural resource elements comprehensive observatory, the first natural resource element of the Tarim River Basin was initially formed.

It is understood that the observation network set investigation, observation, research, demonstration is one, mainly observed typical trees, groundwater, surface water, soil, atmosphere, etc. The indicator parameters provide basic data to study the quality and variation law of the region, and support the Ecological protection repair of the Tarim River basin. Li Fujie, the head of the Natural Resources Factory Comprehensive Observation Project in the Tarim River Basin, said that the Natural Resources Elementary Elementary Observation Observations of the Tarim River Basin is composed of 6 natural resource elements comprehensive observatory, and 2 will be completed in 2022.

After the entire observation network, it will be guided by earth system science, focusing on the Tarim River Desert prevention and treatment of ecological functional district, integrating resource, environmental, ecology, geology, remote sensing, information on information, forming the Tari River. Dynamic networking observations of rolling on the ground, surface and underground natural resources; accurately grasp the variety, quantity, quality, spatial location, protection and development and utilization of natural resources such as water, water, forest, grassland, wetlands, land, water, forest, grassland, wetlands, land Information and other information, forming a comprehensive observation database of natural resource elements of the region, and provides basic support services for the implementation of natural resources unified management and land spatial planning based on observation data research. (Qi Yazhen) (Editor: Yang Rui, Han Ting) Sharing let more people see.