Anhui Province National Fitness Facilities Replenishment Dish Five-Year Action Plan to get a Taiwanese online

  A few days ago, Anhui Provincial Sports Bureau, Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Provincial Department of Education, Provincial Department of Finance, Provincial Natural Resource Office, Provincial Housing and Urban-Rural Development Department, jointly issued "Anhui National Fitness Facilities Replenishment Dish Five-Year Action Plan (2021-2025) "(hereinafter referred to as" plan "), which mentioned that the province’s enterprises and institutions were encouraged to open existing fitness venue facilities, and supported commercial sports venues and civil construction and private sports venues. Sexually open. By 2025, the new fitness facilities in the province have a total of 24.41 million square meters. The per capita sports field area reaches a square meter, and each 10,000 people have a football site to reach a block.

  During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, Anhui will promote the construction of national trail system, strengthen sports park, national fitness center, community football site construction, and complement the national fitness facilities. Newly-established reinforced sports park is not less than 98; new fitness trails are not less than 3135 kilometers, gradually establish a lane system covering the whole country; no less than 437 national fitness centers, new and renovated the standard track and field runway in public stadiums and There are no less than 54 in the standard football venue; 613 new social football fields; 35 in the three-person skating rink; complete 1210 in the township (street) national fitness venue equipment to make the short board project; new or upgrading and expanded the community (Administrative Village ) More than 5,000 national fitness facilities; 4,000 kilometers of new urban greenways; county (city, district), township (street), administrative village (community) three-level public fitness facilities and community 15 minutes fitness circle to achieve full coverage.

  Anhui will optimize the layout of fitness facilities, focus on building close to the community, facilitated national fitness center, multi-functional sports field, sports park, fitness trail, fitness square, small football field and other people around the fitness facilities. The new residential community is equipped with national fitness facilities in accordance with standards that are not less than square meters or outdoor, and is designed, synchronous construction, synchronous acceptance, and synchronous construction, synchronous construction, synchronous acceptance, and synchronous use. Memipate or invade. The province will enhance the use and management level of national fitness facilities. Support social forces to participate in the construction and operation of fitness site facilities.

Implement a free or low-fee opening policy of national large-scale sports venues, excavate the open potential of school sports space facilities, and do a good job in the prevention and control of new coronary epidemic and prevention and control.

  "Program" proposed that the provinces must prepare national fitness facilities to make up the short board five-year action plan and project library, incorporating the local government economic and social development plan.

The construction of national fitness facilities will be included in the city and county assessment content and sports high market assessment content.

  It is reported that there are 10,000 sports fields in Anhui, and the sports space is a hundred million square meters. Among them, there are 6128 pieces of football venue, 17 ice and snow sports venues, and there are 10,000 aerial fitness paths, 401 fitness trails, 139 sports parks, 179 large sports venues.

During the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, the per capita site area increased from square meters to square meters, followed by the country, ranking 13th in the country.