Like what Evincent said,Osades has long discovered the existence of Long Shi,And also know that she is observing herself,But he did not remind anyone of his obligation,And that’s not his job。

“Let’s go!To test our future fighters,After all, you don’t have to come,We still have a lot to do together!”
Evincent smiled and walked ahead,Just after surpassing everyone,The smile on Evincent’s face gradually turned cold,Then calm again。
Long Shi did not get his wish and ran too far,Was overtaken by the chaser behind。
But Long Shi’s comfort is,Except for the one who was brought down by her in the first place,On the way, Long Shi also took advantage of unexpected credit,Use the weapon of the combat uniform to kill two agents who had taken super magical potions。
Surrounded by layers of people,Long Shi swallowed hard,There is nothing to regret,Only fight to death。
The bullet in the pistol is out,There is no time to change the ammunition,The only good news is that these people seem to disdain to shoot themselves。
“Plan to beat me to death with fists?A bit cruel!But can you do it??”
Long Shi is ready to fight,Even if the ending has been foreseen,But the one who should fight,Who would give up?
No one answered Long Shi’s words,But there are a lot of fists in response to her。
The short knife is broken,It’s a pity that I couldn’t kill the agent named Negtav。
Throw three sticks,Long Shi doesn’t believe these people who surround him,While strengthening his skills,Fighting ability has also been enhanced。
Then Long Shi successfully angered more than a dozen agents, including Negtav, who used super-sacred potions.。
All weapons hidden in combat uniforms,Almost completely destroyed,Even so,Long Shi desperately killed another person。
Was kicked on the breastbone again,After landing this time,Long Shi felt that his breathing was painful。
The smile on his face caused a violent cough,Long Shi who feels that he can’t lift a trace of strength,I have given up the idea of resistance。