Why is it said??

Because of this knife,It doesn’t exist at all now,The people can only see records about it in history books。Mo Dao,Burial is not allowed,And in the Song Dynasty,Basically out of fashion,It’s even lost later。
“Such a long knife,It should be hard to play?”Old Wu couldn’t help but say。
Liu Hui nodded:“so,It is destined to be eliminated。Its use,The move is very simple,Only hack and swing。Then,It requires the army to move neatly,High demands on discipline。otherwise,This weapon is also easy to hurt yourself。”
Hu Yang doesn’t think so,Smiled:“In ancient times,The era of cold weapons,In addition to the number of people fighting,Just look at the weapon。Whose weapon is more threatening,Naturally win half。
Just imagine,A group of soldiers holding daggers,Watching others picking a big knife one or two meters long,Dare you go?
Whose sword is big,Not just to give the other side’s heart awe,Give yourself courage。fight,Sometimes psychological warfare is also very important,Timid at the beginning,What else?”
Mo Dao was really eliminated,Not because it is too long。
Really eliminated,Because the internal cost is too high。The amount of iron used for a Mo knife,Can make several other styles of weapons,You are the emperor,What would you think about?
It is said that,In the Tang Dynasty,There was once a Jiedushi who was almost ruined by the production of Modao。
In addition,Late Tang to the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms Period,Frequent wars,So that the replacement of soldiers is also fast,The use of Modao requires long-term training to master,Ordinary recruits on the battlefield still use ordinary weapons.。
and,To the Song Dynasty,Focus on economic development,Dynasties that did not focus on military development,The decline of Mo Dao has become a matter of course。
“There is,Use of Modao,Inseparable from Tang Jun’s tactics。
It is said that,Tang Jun’s formation is very similar to Rome’s,Three rows of Mo Swordsmen in front of the Chinese Army,Behind the crossbowmen,Crossbowmen also have spears and swords,Can support Modao team at any time。
At last,The reason why Mo Dao really fell,I think it’s still Tang Jun’s system problem。
At that time, Tang Jun’s system was to control standard weapons,No private manufacturing,Its manufacturing technology is blocked in the army,After the army abandoned Mo Dao,No civil inheritance,So completely lost。”Populus euphratica analyzes with reason。
This sudden analysis,Liu Hui was stunned。
Unrecognizable,This anchor,There are a few brushes!These reasons,have to say,Convincing,Even those who don’t know how to do it,It makes sense。
He couldn’t help but raise his thumb。
Even Ye Ping’s parents,Also nodded secretly,Although this young man is not very old,But well informed。