Xia Jian thought for a while,He couldn’t help but laughed and said:“I am interested in a new type of project this time”

“Wang Lin already gave me a rough idea,What I am waiting for is your detailed report。Opportunity is opportunity,Catch you and earn,If you miss this opportunity, you won’t come again”Old Xiao said meaningfully。
Xia Jian basically understood what Lao Xiao meant.,He gave Lao Xiao a detailed account of the situation in Qingshan County,The focus is on Hongchuan River Hot Spring,And Wang Yihua secretly told him about the lead-zinc mine at Dongling Peak。
The businessman has a keen sense of smell,Don’t look old Xiao Xiao is old,He waited for Xia Jianyi to finish,I immediately asked a few questions,Xia Jiandu answered them one by one。
Old man,Excitedly beat the coffee table and said:“These two are both good projects!After you take a break, immediately start a project for these two projects,But this time I can’t discuss it publicly。You go to Qingshan County first,Negotiated these two projects,Let’s review it internally,Just talk about how to develop”
Xia Jian originally thought that in the case of the group’s economic downturn,Old Xiao will tighten his money,Reduce investment projects,Unexpectedly, he is so devoted to good projects,This gave Xia Jian a lot of motivation。
the next day,Xia Jian got up earlier。He took Xiao Hei around in the park,Then practiced,Didn’t even eat breakfast,I drove Di to the company。
Haven’t appeared in the group for a long time,He suddenly appeared,It will inevitably make some people feel nervous。Because Xia Jian doesn’t hold meetings very often,Once the meeting,While rewarding,He will also deal with some people who don’t get results。
Xia Jian looked in the lobby on the first floor,Then got into the elevator,Went straight to his office。It’s not working time yet,So the people in the company haven’t arrived yet。
I made myself a cup of tea first,Xia Jian was drinking tea,While turning on the computer。These days in Pingdu,He has almost no chance to go online。Injured once,Let him waste a lot of time,He must speed up to make up now。
“President Xia is at work?”Xi Zhen panted open the office door and rushed in,She looks happy。Getting along during this time,The relationship between the two is quite familiar。
Xia Jian raised his head and said with a smile:“Yes!Stay at home and die,So come here first today”
“I heard,You are still on vacation,So can’t do any work,As an assistant, I have to watch you,Otherwise, Mr. Wang will fire me”Xi Zhen said and walked over,She added some water to Xia Jian’s cup。
Xia Jian looked up at Xi Zhen and said:“Ok!Not bad,It turned white after a few days”
“I didn’t get a tan.!Be sure to bring me next time you go”Xi Zhen looked at Xia Jian with begging eyes。
Xia Jian laughed and said:“What’s good in the countryside,Don’t be blessed, don’t be blessed。Who do you see looking for a job,Which one has sharpened his head and wants to squeeze into this office”
Just when they were talking,Wang Lin came in,She glanced at Xia Jian indifferently,Then said in a cold voice:“You are on vacation now,Not used for work”Don’t wait for Xia Jian to speak,She has turned away。
Face Xi Zhen,Xia Jian said awkwardly:“You control me,I still care about you”Xia Jian said,Embarrassed to make a face。Xi Zhen smiled,Then retired。