“What happened?”

Qin Feng suddenly became a little nervous,Because Su and Xiaowu are different,When there is no one, she calls her own name more,Besides, it’s just been apart for a while,If there is nothing wrong, Su Rou won’t call him。
“Qin Yanshe……”Surou paused,Still didn’t dare to say it。
“What’s up with her,What are you doing?”Qin Feng’s heart sank,Asked in a cold tone。
“I haven’t been to the company much in the past two days,So Qin Yan came back alone,But after I came back from heaven and earth,I never saw Qin Yan,Phone can’t get through。”Su Rou said worriedly。
“Did you call the company??”Qin Feng asked calmly。
“beated,The people in the company said they saw her leave for a while,I didn’t see who she left with。”Su Rou said。
“Someone saw,Who has been near Qin Yan recently??”Qin Feng remembers that their company has a man named,I used to like Su Rou,So Qin Feng thought of him first。
“Sun Zeyu??Qin Yan doesn’t usually deal with strangers,Sun Zeyu has always liked her,So can it be with Sun Zeyu?”Su Rou is not sure,So I just doubt。
“You should have his phone。”Qin Feng said lightly。
“beated,Also shut down。”Su Rou said helplessly。
“Got it,I’m going。”Su Rou listened to Qin Feng’s lukewarm tone,A little nervous。
“Call me immediately if there is news。”Qin Feng hung up after speaking。
After hanging up, Su Rou,Ready to go out
The words rang out suddenly。