Wang Youdao walks away,Ouyang Hong fell into deep thought。It seems that Hu Huiru is not easy,Can someone like Wang Youdao run over and recommend her,It means she still has some ways。

Ouyang Hong thinks it over,She is in charge of agriculture in Pingdu,So only investment in agriculture,Under the premise of benefiting the common people,He can still consider。
Think so,She couldn’t help but suddenly open up,I don’t have any burden in my heart。Just at this time,An unfamiliar call came in,She wanted to refuse,But thinking of her promise to Wang Youdao just now,Then put the phone through。
There was a woman’s silver bell on the phone:“Hello Mayor Ouyang,I am Hu Huiru。I want to ask you out for tea,I don’t know when it will be convenient for you?”
Ouyang Hong did not expect,Hu Huiru’s call will come in so soon。She hesitated and said:“Then after get off work tonight!Place you decide,Send me a message。But there is one thing I must explain,Only drink tea without eating”
“Mayor Ouyang is a bit more talented, right?!We have to have a meal at night no matter what!Even if you eat bowl of noodles,It’s also a meal!”Hu Huiru said with a soft smile on the phone。
Fortunately, Ouyang Hong reacted quickly,She laughed and said:“Is not,I am losing weight,No food at night,So you had better eat it, let’s drink tea”
“Ok!I listen to you”Hu Huiru didn’t speak any more,But waiting for Ouyang Hong to hang up。
The whole afternoon,There are so many things in Ouyang Hong’s hands,Unconsciously,It’s time for get off work。She added class for a while,I packed my things,When getting off work,I received a text message from Hu Huiru。
The address is Mingguiyuan, Nancheng Road,It really is a teahouse。It seems that this woman is quite obedient,This made Ouyang Hong relieved。She is most afraid of the kind of duplicity,Said it’s tea please,Waiting for you,I prepared a table for you early,This situation is the most troublesome。
Ouyang Hong thought,I want to see anyway,See you late than see you early and end early,So she returned a message“See you later”After sending this message,She left work in a hurry。
Nancheng Road is the southernmost part of Pingdu,Here in the ordinary city,In the development stage,So not many people live。Ouyang Hong,The whole teahouse looks extremely deserted。
But as soon as he entered,I found that the decoration inside is extremely high-end,It should be regarded as a first-class teahouse in Pingdu。When she was about to call Hu Huiru,A very elegant woman came down the stairs。
“You are Ouyang…”Half of what the woman said,Then stopped。I can see that she is also a very cautious person。
Ouyang Hong nodded,Two steps up the stairs,Walk towards the second floor。This woman followed Ouyang Hong,Speak softly:“Feilai Peak”