Is it a way my sister thought of replacing?,After that, try to teach him.?

The thoughts of the pity, the more diverged……
Inviting the month and the pity,Even if I am in a walking on the rivers and lakes now,It is just to pay attention to your own concern.,Take care of other rivers and lakes,Even no deer people,Lenovo to Nanmu。
Suddenly pity,Gathered together——elder sister……What is thinking??Could it really……
Even in the battle,Aprotic,I have read a few eye songs.。
Don’t reason?
Pity is not distracted too long,Chu Deirers and old fell more than a dozen tricks,After that, it also falls in the bottom of the wind.,Justly relying on“Three points return”,Make the old man with a feeling of being hit by two people,And one of them is also resistant to resistance,This is not broken。
But after more than a dozen tricks,Old, I also see the opportunity,Originally opened a big holster,Suddenly style,It’s unbearable from the unexpected angle.,Point out one finger……
This is the real gas,As if it is the forefront of Overlon,It is completely two styles before!
delicate,And Ignore the attraction of Chu Deirers.,Ladied in the heart of Chu Deire——Chu Deirers did not expect this change in a moment。
Fortunately, the ruins of the Chu Deirers,Not only you can use“Big bun”External use,It is often condensed with the returning stroke,Just feeling slightly, myself is torn.,No completely resistant,There is no injury。
at the same time,Pity star has intercedered again.……
Just two people,Greatly known the other party’s martial arts style,At this time, I started to be truly enemies.!
Old 邋遢 is indeed strong enough,It’s almost a person who really truly handed over.,Stronger strength,Stunned in the peerless,Even more competent。
Even the combination of two people,Old, still,However, it is already awkward on your mouth.:“Oh yeah!This is the cooperation with Xiaoxinhuan,It’s really intimate……”
“How long has you been practicing in the small seam??”
“Usually you are in bed,Two people,Still three?”
“Do not mind more?Laozi is also in the year.,Even if it is not bad now, what is this small??”
Pity star is anger,In《Ming Yucheng》Under operation,The mentality naturally became more and more calm down,Every human mood is more and more,Instead, the Chu Deirers have some heads.——Old things you look down on?
Three people fight up to hundreds of tricks,Old, I suddenly succeeded,Huge dragon tail vain sweeping……
And pity star whispet to the Chu Deirers who want to hard to:“retreat!”
Chu Deirens understand what she means,That is also a change,Let me make a number of ways to unload,The force swept in the opponent、Unloading,Directly retreat……
The two sides are facing a must。
“What is your old monster??Now I dare to fight the idea of fighting the Holy Spirit.?”At the same time as pity,Asked。
“Hey-hey,What is the monkey??Lao Zi came here,But find the beauty!”I didn’t lie.,He is taking the boy from Xiao.,So I found it.,Also take the opportunity to tune the pity。
And listening to Chu Deiren,I became old and challenged.“Xiao Wei”,Listen to the poitic ear,It is feeling that this is also in the letter.,It’s obvious that yourself happen.,How can it be known by others?……
Chapter 58 Misunderstand
“If you want to find the suffocation,Since you are,If you want to make it difficult with me,Then you can find a wrong opponent!”Pity star,The more it is exfoliated from the inside out.,Skin seems to be transparent,Can see the humanoid light source like a filament……
Old, I also suck it deeply.,Faint agreementary,The body seems to have a black overlord dragon。
Chu Dee,Can’t help but smash——And Ouyang Feng’s 功 功,This old tyrant dragon,It doesn’t seem to be a true gas,Even only an instant,Chu Deirers suspect is not their own illusion。
Obvious“Xiao Wei”and“Old monster”,It has already been put into power,Chu Deirers also also in the air,Full-power,Uniform flowing to the virtual Zhongdan and Shang Dantian,I don’t forget it.,Simulation“Evil spirits”……
Only see“Little light”and“Tyrant”Desperate fight、Interacting collision,Chu Deiren God’s ghosts,From time to time“Tyrant”Weeks。
Or block the tail、Or take the opportunity to attack,It’s all flashing,Quick conversion position!
If it is a person who is in martial arts,Just like a ghosts,Constantly flash around the Dragon。
However, even if there is a Chu Deirers,Pity is still falling in the wind——She didn’t think of it,This is the age of,Martial art is still growing,Now she even feels,This old monster’s martial art,Already caught up with your own sister!
Just fight for three hundred people.,Chu Deirers rely on three points“Real gas cycle”Characteristics,Bold prediction continues to start,Your own role will get more and more,Even when playing a decisive role……