“Ok,So this is。I will be dedicated,Clear Jakun and Liang Shi Yan return to Changan,As for the He Ruoyu,I have been serving as a governor in the palace.,There is no such problem。

You two,How to start?”
Wei Xiaoxuan is alone,He wants to send troops,Many logistics work must be based on Yushu City.,So he is very likely that you will immediately go back to jade to prepare these minions.。
Dou Yi went to Pu 坂 time to be a little late,Because there is no arrival in autumn,There are no more food in Zhou Guo.。Even if Dou Yi is now in Pu 坂,No military food can be scheduled。He only needs a little bit a little later than the South Road Army in which it is located.。
“Start tomorrow!”
“Start tomorrow!”
Wei Xiaoxuan said that Dou Yi said in the same way.。
Subsequently, Yu Yu and Wei Xiaoxue are surprised to watch Dou Yi.,I don’t understand,This is in a hurry,What is it?。
I heard that Dou Yi is very good with the princess of Fuyang.,There is no thing that can’t see the lady in the family.,Why is he going to Pu 坂 so early??
“Dou Qingjia,You don’t seem to go to Pu 坂 so early.?”
Yu Hao is not very happy,Dou Yi changed this.,Don’t stick your baby sister.。
“His Majesty,Pu 坂 is the most important part of this battle,So I want to go to Pu 坂 earlier.,More familiar with the terrain there。Solver to give your majesty。”
I heard Dou Yi said so.,Yu Yu’s face slightly。is not it,Dou Yi is equivalent to going to the company early,Where do you have a boss??
“I know,You are going to prepare for you.。I am a bit lack.。”
Tired,Yu Hao is really heart-minded recently.,In order to give Yenda,It’s really a mother who is ignorant.。
Now Yu Xian has also left,I can finally be clean.。
NS1117chapter Ma Wangye has a few eyes(Big chapter)
Higher Yang has played“Jin Fengtai”,Now it has changed to Qi Guo National Academy,Specially cultivated teenagers under the age of 12。When you are here.“Graduate”Later,They will go“Job position”,Enrichment to Qi State’s grassroots bureaucratic institution。
certainly,Can you upgrade?,I can’t see it now.,Maybe a lifetime is hardened.。But this will continue to improve the literacy rate of Qi State,This is unquestionable。
People who read the book,People who have never read,Creating a different,They want to go,Different。
The wall is around the golden turbine,The big door is written in the big door.。
Shanglian is:Wind robe sound reading sound 入。
Underline:The family is concerned about the state of the world.。
Legend is the oral okay,Please write a calligraphy。Stand outside the door,I can hear the vague reading sound far away.。Although the people in the family have established such“National learning hall”Puzzle and dissent,But there is no reaction too much。
after all,Cultivate some grassroots“Civil servant”,It is also beneficial for them.。after all,Qi Guo is really too big,There are millions of people in the light household.,Total 20 million people!
Gao Baojing cultivated this person,Sprinkle to the place,It is estimated that the shadow can’t see it.。
Jin Fengtai door,Gao Baoyi and Yang Hao two people,But did not step through the threshold,Even if the door of Jinfengtai’s peripheral wall is open。
“Don’t go in and see it??”Gao Bao smiled and asked。
Today is Yang Wei to take the initiative to find Gao Baoyi,The latter brought him to this place.。
Yang Wei asked。
“Yes,Not all。There are also some children around the city.,Be assessment every year,Every year, a group of people will go out.,Continuous new people come in。”
Hear Gao Baoyi explanation,Yang Wei knows what he wants to do.。Any political animal with ambition,Will cultivate your own class。
The bigger the ambition,What to do is, the more great,The influence is also far-reaching,Gao Boyi is such a person。Think very far,Prepare very well。
“Is some people can’t stand it??”
Gao Baoyi mouth hangs a laugh,Then watching Yang Yu,I want to see how the other party will say.。