“impossible!She should be focusing on the Donghu Park project。She called me before bidding,I told her to follow the normal procedure“Gu Yue turned her head,Staring at Xia Jian and said。

I don’t know why I drank too much,The reason for being in a good mood,Xia Jian found that Gu Yue who looked at him was very beautiful,Especially two in the eyes,Feel like talking。
Xia Jian burped and said:“Seems to be in the bidding unit,There is no Mr. Cheng’s company“
“Yes!A qualification of their company,Was temporarily suspended due to a project violation,So it can’t participate in the standard,She just called me to make accommodation“When Gu Yue said this,,Staring at Xia Jian motionlessly,It feels like Xia Jian should know this。
Xia Jian shook his head and said:“You didn’t tell me this,She didn’t mention it today。But she’s talking about it,I didn’t mention anything about the East Lake Park project.”
“Ok!She is a scheming woman,But I don’t have much business dealings,So we don’t need to care about her”Gu Yue finished,Chong Xia Jian smiled faintly。
Xia Jianwei closed his eyes,Did not speak。This society now,People are really tired,Not only busy with work,,Also beware of others,This is really exhausting and fighting。
“President Xia!Got home,Time to get off”Xiaoting said with a smile。
Xia Jian hurriedly opened his eyes,He almost fell asleep。Just when he was getting off the car,Gu Yue said with a smile:“Didn’t you drink it??I’ll have two more drinks with you”
Gu Yue said,Gave out a few hundred dollars to Xiaoting,Let Xiaoting buy wine and snacks。Xia Jian originally said that by accident,Since Gu Yue is serious,I didn’t drink it well anyway,It’s not bad to drink for a while,Anyway, genius just got dark。
arrive home,Xia Jian greeted Gu Yue to sit down first,I was busy turning on the air conditioner。This was originally Gu Yue’s home,Xia Jian is so enthusiastic,It seems that he really became the master here。
Gu Yue found her slippers in the closet and put on,Then walked around the room,She smiled and said to Xia Jian:“Not bad,The room is very clean,Is a particular person”
Listening to Gu Yue complimenting herself,Xia Jian is still very happy。
First0627chapter After drinking
Xiaoting quickly bought a few dishes,And a bottle of Wuliangye,This may be confessed by Gu Yue,How else can she buy such a good wine。
Wait for the food and drink,Xiaoting said with a smile:“You two drink first,I’ll get Mr. Xia’s car back“
“it is good!You should go home early!I’ll take a taxi back”Gu Yue said to Xiaoting。Xiaoting responded,Turned and opened the door and left。