Du Xiaohong is anxious,She quickly said:“Why are you so heartless,I have observed you for so long,I thought I really found someone to rely on,did not expect……”Du Xiaohong said,Actually started to cry。Du Xiaohong’s trick,Wang Youcai really didn’t expect,Because Wang Youcai felt,Du Xiaohong should not be such a person。

“Damn!OK OK,what do you want me to do?Just say。you know too,I’m in the office,There are more people,Some words are better not heard by others”
Wang Youcai knows clearly,Du Xiaohong makes this call,I’m definitely not talking to him,But another purpose。
as expected,Du Xiaohong lowered her voice on the phone and said:“Boss Wang!I can’t stay in Baishui Town anymore,You can find something to do in the city!”
“Damn!I am a man who digs in the ground,What can I arrange for you in the city?”
Wang Youcai sighed,Said a little helplessly。He guessed right,Du Xiaohong is sticking to him。He thought that what happened yesterday depends on what he needs,It’s over,It seems this is just the beginning。
Du Xiaohong snorted coldly on the phone:“Boss Wang!I didn’t expect you to be honest with me。You have your own small clinic,And have your business in the club,In addition, I heard people say,You are now operating a private hospital。So many places,You can’t arrange a thing for me”
“what? What?These things,Where did you hear it?”
Wang Youcai was anxious when he heard it,He never expected,Du Xiaohong has studied him so thoroughly。
Du Xiaohong smiled and said on the phone:“If you don’t know,Unless you do。Pingdu is so big,Talk about it,I don’t know everything。Moreover,who are you?You are the big boss,Your story has spread long ago”
“All right!I can’t explain this in a sentence,I still have something to do,Wait for a chance,Let’s sit down and talk”
Wang Youcai said,He hung up the phone with a snap。He hates such a woman most,Just had a relationship with him,I started thinking about asking for something from him。It seems that this woman can no longer date,Otherwise it will hurt him。
Wang Youcai, who hung up, walked out of the office。Xiaolonglong is playing alone in the spacious yard。Once Yao Chunni came here,Got busy。Because Liu Ying was absent yesterday,It’s a mess in the kitchen。In addition, she cleaned up the bed for her and Xiao Longlong。
This woman has a tendon,She thinks she has sex with Wang Youcai,It must be after the first anniversary of Chen Sui’s death。On this matter,Wang Youcai didn’t persecute her。
Tian Wa, who came back from the field to cook, saw that Wang Youcai had brought Yao Chunni back.,This makes him happy。He laughed and said:“I’m worried about how to make a meal at noon today,I didn’t expect Brother Wang to be thoughtful”
Yao Chunni greeted Tian Wa a little bit shy and went to the kitchen。Tian Wa looked at the little dragons running around in the yard,I was a little surprised to ask Wang Youcai:“Wang Ge!This kid is……”
“my son,Wang Xiaolong”