Vulnerable couples face brave lives

Vulnerable couples face brave lives

He lost part of his hearing due to illness. I met Chingfeng (pseudonym) by accident. Among many impetuous people and things, we found each other to be so real.

Soon after he became a friend, he told me that he had a hearing problem and needed a hearing aid to hear the sounds around him.

I didn’t interrupt the relationship with him, and he told me a lot of the past.

  When Qingfeng was seven or eight years old, he had a fever and used too many antibiotics. As a result, the fever subsided, but his parents found that he was getting harder and harder to hear the sound.

He was later diagnosed with partial hearing loss, but none of this frightened him.

Instead, he completed elementary and middle school with extraordinary perseverance, was admitted to university, and finally graduated with outstanding results.

  After graduation, he successfully entered a state-owned enterprise, and his working ability is also outstanding among his peers.

Unfortunately, the unit closed down and he lost his job.

He did not accept the unified arrangement of the unit, nor did he apply for the minimum allowance and disability subsidy. Instead, he worked hard to grasp the latest trends in the industry and self-employed.

  Qingfeng is a strong person, but also a willing and hard-working person.

However, when he left the familiar working environment, his hearing impairment became an obstacle that he could not get around when reemploying.

During the interview, if the examiner’s voice is relatively loud and the questions asked are not particularly complicated, Qingfeng can smoothly hear the other party’s questions, resulting in the most satisfactory answer.

However, sometimes he can’t hear clearly because of various reasons, and can only ask the examiner to repeat the question. At this time, his hearing problem becomes prominent.

As early as 1997, he passed the written examination of the Shanghai civil servants. However, during the interview, because the room was large and the examiner was far away from him, he couldn’t understand what the other party was saying, so the interview result was not satisfactory.

When I read about the interview notice he kept intact for many years, I really felt sorry for him.

If it weren’t for the illness of a child, how many opportunities should Qingfeng have to realize his dream.

  Even if Qingfeng really successfully passed the interview, in the later work process, there will be a lot of exchanges that need to be communicated. Others may not always be tolerant. Therefore, after the probation period, Qingfeng is still ruthlessly rejected by the boss.Find a unit and start over with a new trial period.

So until now, his work has been stopped and stopped.

  When I met him, Qingfeng was in such a unstable environment.

At the beginning, I had a little worry.

However, Qingfeng, the more you know him, the more he will be moved by him.

We traveled together and he was so thoughtful.

Seeing that I boiled water in a dormitory, he bought a kettle for me next time.

Slowly, the breeze not only moved me, but also moved my parents.

With their support, Qingfeng and I became a happy couple.

  The accident made me unable to be a mother. Qingfeng said that his biggest dream is to be equipped with a good hearing aid to replace the lack of hearing.

However, the expensive price of hearing aids far exceeded our income. Every time we watched the various hearing aids on the counter infinitely, every time we left reluctantly.

Looking at his helplessness, I was determined to work hard to make money, after all, I was a healthy person.

  Therefore, I always try my best to have more errands. Although people are busy, my contribution can bring a little benefit to this home.

At present, I get up at 5:30 every day and rush to work at the upper part, sometimes I have to go back to the city at noon.

Working hours are fixed, and the time to travel is only squeezed out of my lunch time.

Therefore, I must be on my way when I have time, and sometimes I eat a meal with the right to dry food.

  Later I heard from others that having a certain permit might change my employment situation, so I started to ask about it everywhere.

At the beginning of 2007, it was very cold, and on the way I sent the prepared application materials to the bureau, I was infected with a severe cold and had a high fever of 39 seconds that night.

At that time, I was just about 50 days pregnant. After the blood test at the hospital, the doctor confirmed that it was a viral cold. They told me that the cold in the early pregnancy was very dangerous.

Qingfeng and I certainly hope to have a healthy baby. Don’t eat so much hard and bear so much misfortune like Qingfeng.

Therefore, we made a decision to terminate the pregnancy after consideration.

  I never thought that for more than half a year after the operation, although we continued to carry out the creation plan, we did not see any movement.After another half a year, I went to the hospital for an examination, and the doctor said that the problem was not serious, and my suspended heart was slightly relieved.

In the meantime, I tried many ways, asked a lot of doctors, took a lot of Chinese medicine, but none worked.

  Until now, I still did not succeed in pregnancy. At the beginning of the year, I went to another hospital for examination. The doctor’s diagnosis was that the fallopian tube was unobstructed and belonged to secondary infertility. It may be possible that the tubal can be restored by fluid surgery.

However, this procedure requires multiple surgeries and the final results are not guaranteed.

When I heard that, my heart was cold.

  Now, while I am learning the details of this fluid-passing operation, I am also looking forward to the miracle.

Every time the pregnancy test fails, Qingfeng and I will be severed.

My emotions are therefore constant.

  Mingyue said that before, the two had not had children because they were not fully prepared in all aspects.

Now, I want a child, but this basic wish cannot be realized by accident.

Every time I think about it, Mingyue is very sad. Fortunately, Qingfeng always comforts her. Don’t rush, take your time, just be happy.

  We have ordinary happiness. Both me and Qingfeng are ordinary people. Our biggest wish is to have a stable job, to give full play to our strengths, and then work hard to gain something, and then have a lovely baby.

People often say that happiness is actually only nine words: there is hope, there is something to do, and someone loves.

Both Qingfeng and I are in the current situation because of objective reasons that can’t be changed, which is a regret.

  We do not have a deposit at present, so our days are like boiling water, but I think that even a dime has a dime of happiness, it depends on how you experience it.

We do n’t have a house. A large part of our income is to rent a house, but it does not affect our mood of standing in the windows and watching the scenery in our spare time, even though we know the uneasiness of this sentiment.

We don’t have a car and we have to squeeze a bus to work every day.

But every day when we come back from work, we will get off in advance and walk home slowly to see the flowers and plants that bring us fresh air every day.

Although we are relatively unfortunate, part of what we have is two hearts that can calm down and feel this happiness.

However, I think we are lucky because we love each other and have ordinary but warm happiness.

  Now, although we do not have a stable job and a prosperous life, we may need a little more to welcome our babies, but we still appreciate each other and have confidence in life.

At the beginning, when I wrote to the Morning Post, I was at the lowest point of depression. After two days of self-adjustment, I seemed to feel that the haze of my heart had dissipated.

The days come and go, and the warm sunshine shines on us every day. What reason do we have to reject this warmth?

I’d love to hear everyone cheering and encouraging me to take courage and face my life positively.