Although it’s still a bit cold,But seeing the flowers and young leaves,Seeing that everything is recovering little by little,I felt my heart warmed up。

Windy light roll,Roll up the lakeside floral fragrance。
Rivers and lakes after melting snow,The lake water is more like washed,No more muddy mud,Can always reflect the entire blue mirror sky。
I wish Minglang got up early,Walked to the yard and stretched。
Twist a look。
The person cleaning the yard has changed,Li Shaoying is no longer thin,I heard that since Li Shaoying returned to college,Power surge,Different from the past。
In the home,One more person turned a dragon,It is the original Sheba Honghao。
Under normal circumstances,Become a real Mulong student,Most of them will move out of this kind of relatively simple home,Live in a single-door house with better conditions,But it seems that Zhu Minglang didn’t move here,Hong Hao and Li Shaoying also stayed here……
People are still the same people,Just clean the yard,The man who cleans up the dung of the young spirit in the backyard,Keep changing。
“Zhu Minglang,I found that you are lucky。I plan to choose another young spirit tomorrow,Why don’t you help me see?”Asked the classmate who cleaned the yard。
His name is Chen Bai,Very elegant, easy-going and profound name,I wish Minglang will eat spiritual fruit,Is the taste he asked。
I didn’t communicate much before,Zhu Minglang found out that this guy is going to try to please himself recently。
“Chen Bai,Sometimes you are very mean。I obviously want to ask people for advice and study,He has a sour tone,You re-stroke your thoughts,I will answer you again。”Zhu Minglang straightened his clothes,Careless way。