Self leg exercises for office workers

Self leg exercises for office workers

Office people usually have little activity and exercise. If they can perform self-care of their legs and feet, they can greatly relieve the discomfort of their legs and feet.

  Dry legs with both hands to hold the contraction of the thigh tightly, and massage down from the thigh slightly until the foot is stepped on.

Then, it rubs from the toes to the root of the thigh.

Rub the other leg in the same way and repeat it several times.

This method can make joints flexible, increase muscle strength and walking ability, and prevent varicose veins, lower limb edema and muscle atrophy.

  Shake your legs and hold the tree or the wall with one hand. Shake your calves forward to raise your toes forward, then shake them backwards, force your toes backwards, stretch your feet and stretch your legs.

When throwing a leg, the upper body is upright, and both legs are swapped dozens of times.

This method can prevent lower limb atrophy, weakness or numbness, calf cramps and so on.

  Rub the legs and legs with both palms and insert them into the lower legs. Rotate and knead each time for 20-30 times, then rub the other side with the same method.

This method can unblock blood and strengthen leg strength.

  Twist your knees with your feet parallel to your knees, bend your knees slightly, squat down, put your hands on the top, and turn your knees in a circle.

Turn left first, then right, 20 times each.

Can cure lower limb weakness, knee pain.

  Sit with your toes, straighten your legs, lower your head, and bend your body forward. Use your hands to pull your toes 20-30 times.

It can exercise waist and legs, strengthen foot strength, and prevent foot weakness and weakness.