This restaurant is not a simple restaurant,After Qi Chong’s management,It has long become a omnipotent existence。

In the hotel underground,Xia Chenglong saw what appeared in front of him,Really surprised,Unexpectedly, this is still a powerful arsenal。
Have all the core things of modern alchemy,The improved gun, with special bullets, can exert a power that even warriors are afraid of。
Xia Chenglong is proficient in this weapon,Naturally including these thermal weapons。
When the realm is relatively low,They can have unexpected power,Especially fighting in the city,Can achieve precise strikes and avoid injuries such as miscellaneous people。
As a gap appeared on the ground next to the hotel,The number of cross-country leap out with the roar。
He rarely used these before,Because with the strength,Totally unnecessary,But now he is a martial artist,These are his best partners。
Five identical cars appeared in the street at the same time,Looks extremely domineering,In the middle is Xia Chenglong,His speed is obviously faster。
The feeling of being able to drive off-road out of a sports car,It’s not a problem with the car,But the means of the driver。
While changing gears quickly,Switching the foot back and forth between the accelerator and brake,This can speed up the car a second time,Because it needs good control,So few people can do。
The reason why Xia Chenglong was able to do all this,Naturally because through repeated practice,Memory memory。
Each car has professional communication equipment and positioning system,So they can see the guy moving at high speed on the street。
“Aaron Brothers,We go over the side bread,You bite him first。”
“it is good!”
Xia Chenglong replied,Quickly change gears again,The car ran wildly on the road,The magic is on the road with many vehicles,This speed is not affected at all。
He has seen the car,An expensive sports car,In terms of speed and other aspects will not lose them!
The other party has a thousand fortunes,After all, something is wrong!