At this moment, he just wants to spit out the pills.,The pill melted into the saliva and swallowed it all at once。

So Zhang Haibao and Zhu Huiwei let him go,Chen Xiu was on his knees directly,Clasping his throat hard,Want to spit out the pill。
“Kid,Don’t bother,I’m giving you the Three Corpse Brain Pill,Inside is a zombie worm,The mouth will melt into the blood immediately,If there is no cure,You will be invaded by Gu worms,Become a zombie!”
“you……You are so cruel!”Chen Xiu gritted his teeth and said。
“Your kid is too cunning,I guess I can make the best move。As long as you listen to us obediently,I will naturally give you the antidote。”
Zhang Haibao said:“In the daytime, we all have to stay away from Centipede Ridge,Your kid is waiting for us in the county below,Don’t go anywhere,We will contact you in the evening!”
Chen Xiu glared,I want to violently clenched my fists,Zhu Huiwei pressed his shoulder and whispered:“do not move,Lao Zhang is cautious because he doesn’t worry about you。But don’t worry,Even if he doesn’t give you the cure,I will also give you the antidote。”
Chen Xiu stared at him and said:“Can i still trust you!”
“You must believe!”
Zhu Huiwei’s words are very clear,If Chen Xiu starts to fight now, he will definitely die。
Chen Xiu was never an impulsive person,After weighing, I nodded again and again,Zhang Haibao on the side breathed a sigh of relief when seeing Chen Xiufu soft。
Chen Xiu is undoubtedly a great weapon for them to kill the dead and longevity,These two killings of Guo Jing and Wu Hua were based on Chen Xiu’s secret technique of exorcism.。
“Old Zhu,Let’s go,Being late will be suspected。”
“it is good!”
The two jumped out for a few feet,After a while, I ran hundreds of meters away,Disappear into the woods。