“where are we going?”

Jiang Wan’er asked。
“What do you say?”
Fang Yu pondered。
Jiang Wan’er now,It’s completely making things worse。Xunjia,Fang Yu doesn’t know where it came from。but,Jiang Yiyun from the Jiang family probably won’t let Fang Yu go easily。
“How would I know……”
Jiang Wan’er mumbled。
Fang Yu’s attitude,Makes her a little depressed。
She just asked Fang Yu to do a little favor,Fang Yu’s attitude is too cold。
“Go back to me first……I have to go to dinner tonight!”
Fang Yu slowly said。
“Where do you live?”
Jiang Wan’er looked at Fang Yu with a curious look,There are stars in my eyes。
“You will know when you arrive!”
Fang Yu just finished,The driver has stopped。
Back to the house。
Fang Yu lay down on the sofa,Turned on the TV。