“……What if i don’t!”

“Then I can only use strong ones!”
Guo Qilin stepped back slowly,Disappear into the crowd,The car behind,And told the assistant:“Don’t use weapons,Catch alive!”
After all, where is the friendship between Chen Xiu and Ye Hongfei,He also heard a little about Ye Hongfei’s joint pressure on Burning Heaven before.。
If Chen Xiu is dead,It’s really an unending situation with the five Ye Hongfei,Even his father Guo Yingdong has to weigh it up、Weigh。
Guo Yingdong is just“Australia King”That’s it,Not yet Xia’s uncrowned king!
Just catch people,Did not hurt。
In the face of his father,I’ll apologize when the time comes,Put a head wine,I believe that Ye Hongfei and the others still have to save face to their father。
The assistant directly picked up the walkie-talkie and ordered:“Dasha,Don’t use weapons,Catch people,Don’t hurt!”
One five big three rough、The big guy with a big face is walking out of the crowd,Walked to Chen Xiu and said:“Come with me obediently,Don’t force me to hurt you!”
Dasha raised his fist in front of Chen Xiu’s eyes and said:“Big fist in casserole,Sometimes I can’t control it myself!”