“Wait a moment,I have to look at his balance.,This is ok.?”

I heard Di Suyang.,Li Hui also does not have any contradiction。
soon,Li Hui Feng credit card,Then enter your password。
“A hundred million”Another moment of balance,Di Si Yang and the clerk couldn’t help but started。
When several to nine digits,Di Yang is completely shocked。
Why didn’t he think that Li Hui’s will be so rich?。
“How about it?
Is it finished??
Please ask this big boss to buy a car.!If you can’t afford it, please honor the agreement that I just said.。”
“Hey-hey,Panic,You pay for success.,How can you pay unsuccessful??”
Li Hui, listen to this,Also didn’t hesitate,Direct payment success。
When you hear the electronic voice“Successful payment”Several words,The whole person is 懵。
Why can’t he think of such a person, a person is so rich?。
But when he saw Zhao Xiaoli’s moment with Zhao Xiaoling,It’s reluctant.。
Because everything, everything he has long, it should be expected.,How can the two best women talk to a native bag?。
Two women, fashion dress,How can I follow the poor silk without money??
He is now either rapid to take a 5 million to buy a car?,Either it is。
Once,The result is naturally a whisper。
He has no face here to continue to buy a car,And Su Xiuxiu will be resigned quickly。
“This boss,Do you still want to continue to buy a car??”
Li Hui saw that the other party always greeted,I don’t want to continue to hurt the water.。
“Don’t bought it.,I lost,I will see you around now.。”
Finish,Di Yang directly turned。
This time,No one is stopping him。
Su Xiu Xiu is even more impossible for a time.。
She didn’t want to lose,I have never thought about something to resign.。
As a result, now white paper black words are in front of it.,She is a bit of crying without tears。
It is a poor pity to look at Li Hui’s eyes.。
Where there is still a look, you can’t afford your face.。