Uncle Jiang didn’t ban Fang Yu……

“I’ll explain later……Let him apply medicine for you first!”
Jiang Wan’er sat aside,Wait quietly。
Seeing Fang Yu’s concentrated ointment,Her eyes changed slightly。
Fang Yu as a doctor,Still pretty good。
I washed my hands in Fang Yu and came back。
Hu Yili is already chatting with Jiang Wan’er。
“I have to go to the hospital!Miss Jiang,You are here now……”Fang Yu said。
Jiang Wan’er doesn’t like the hospital,So too lazy to follow。
Came to the hospital。
Fang Yu saw Ruan Wu running over excitedly。
“I have surgery today……correct,Why didn’t you come last night?”
Ruan Wu said happily。
Then confused!
Fang Yu would not think,Going with him for supper is a low price, right??
He saw Fang Yu drive a BMW yesterdayX3come,Expensive!