The wine Xia Jian drank in his mouth burst out instantly,He asked in surprise:“Yao is always drunk,To say such jokes“

Yao Junli sat up straight,Pull down the skirt,Try to make the exposed legs less naked.Dew,Then asked sharply:“Do you think i’m ill?Or very cheap?Post up when you see a man“
“No no,Mr. Yao misunderstood,I mean,You look like a god,And there is such a big industry,It can be said that there is nothing missing,How could you like a poor boy like me,And we are not familiar!”Xia Jian said everything on his mind。
Yao Junli took a breath and said:“What you said is indeed,But everyone has overlooked an important issue,Including He Jing and Ouyang Hong,They thought I was very happy,But they were so wrong,I’m just a vase,Tired of playing,Just ignore it,But I am a living person“
Yao Junli is very emotional,She keeps drinking herself,Seeing the second bottle of red wine bottomed out again,Xia Jian sighed and said:“If Mr. Yao treats me as a friend,Please stop drinking,Let’s talk about the last conversation“
“Humph!You’re afraid that i will mess up after drinking.Sex,Don’t think so,I do it this way,Make you think i’m mean,But you may not know,There is a feeling in this world called love at first sight。Do you remember?When i first met you,Your frankness and honesty have already tempted me,In this world,There are not many young people like you,Especially those who are in the business interests“Yao Junli said,Looking straight at Xia Jian。
This made Xia Jian speechless for a while,On appearance,This Yao Junli looks really good,It’s a man,He is also included,Can be moved,After all, she is already married,What’s more, there is still a gap between fascination and liking。
“Although you are working for someone else,But the height is important,But you always keep your feet on every woman,This makes me more enamoured of you。He Jing and Ouyang Hong are also good girls,The people who chase them can’t say much,But not a lot,But you didn’t even have a heart,I heard you and He Jing had a night of wine,Nothing happened“Yao Junli said here,I couldn’t help laughing。
It’s all this damn He Jing,Told others about this,Xia Jian cursed secretly in his heart。
“The man who met me,When I leave, I usually look for opportunities to let me keep my contact information,But you didn’t even ask me,You are a superb man,I don’t like you?“Yao Junli said here,I don’t know the reason for drinking too much,Still really emotional,Two lines of clear tears flowed down the white cheeks。
Xia Jian can’t sit still,The most uncomfortable thing for him is women crying,He felt soft when he cried。
“Don’t be sad,Wipe your tears!I’m not as good as you think,I actually have a problem,Hope you can face it,Treat me as a friend in your life“Xia Jianzhu,Passed the facial tissue。
Yao Junli didn’t pick up the paper,But grabbed Xia Jian’s hand,She smiled and said:“Can I borrow your shoulders??rest assured!I won’t make you embarrassed”
Xia Jian hesitated,But Yao Junli tried hard,He fell over。
Rely on!Anyway, undead。Xia Jian comforted herself,I closed my eyes gently。
A faint scent is coming,Then Yao Junli’s soft body leaned over,Xia Jian’s straight shoulders,He wants this woman to feel the firmness of his shoulders。